Young Thug exceeds fan expectations with Billboard top chart album ‘So Much Fun’

“Young Thug’s album cover displays his face made of miniature Young Thugs standing in a patch of grass. The album us now available on all music streaming services.” (photo courtesy of


Young Thug’s latest project “So Much Fun” has lived up to fans expectations after its release on Aug. 16. The album is rumored to be executively produced by J. Cole and features impressive feature artists such as Travis Scott, Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, and Machine Gun Kelly.

The album’s cover art features a portrait of Young Thug’s face made out of hundreds of smaller Young Thugs that are sitting, standing, and lying on the grass, while the album’s title is mowed into the grass by a larger Young Thug. The primary color on the cover art is green, which is also the primary color on Thug’s previous albums “Slime Language,” “Super Slimey,” and “I’m Up.”

The first song on the album, “Just How It Is,” includes raunchy and unapologetically confident lyrics that reminded me of why I became a Young Thug fan. The upbeat tempo foreshadows the tone of the rest of the album — fun and entertaining.

Following two anti-climatic songs, “Sup Mate” ft. Future and “Ecstacy” ft. Machine Gun Kelly, is my favorite song on the album — “Hot” ft. Gunna. Both Young Thug and Gunna flow effortlessly over a horn-heavy beat that features flutes and other woodwind instruments. 

Young Thug’s adlibs do not overpower his lyrics, but rather add to the overall effect of the feel-good song. Young Thug’s influence on Gunna’s rap style is obvious as the two YSL Records rappers take turns spitting bars in the three-minute song.

“Bad Bad Bad” which features another YSL Records rapper, Lil Baby, is one of the most downloaded songs from the album according to Apple Music. Lil Baby changed his delivery by making his words fast and giving his voice a computerized tone. The two rappers brag on their materialistic accomplishments with lyrics like, “I just took the door off the ‘Ghini’”— referring to a Lamborghini— and “Different color Diors on my feet, I couldn’t decide which.”

“Circle of Bosses” features Migos member Quavo, who raps on the song first but gets outshined by Young Thug’s clever lyrics about his connections in the industry and his experiences as a rapper. This song was produced by Wesley Glass, professionally known as Wheezy. Glass has produced songs for Young Thug like “Pull up on a Kid,” “Floyd Mayweather,” “Family Don’t Matter” and “Chanel (Go Get It).” 

The album concludes with “‘The London” —  the album’s only single. This track made its way to number six on the R&B/Hip Hop Billboard over the summer. The song features J. Cole and Travis Scott, and is named after The London Hotel in West Hollywood. Since the radio overplayed this track, I was happy that Young Thug decided to make it the last song on the album.

“So Much Fun” is Young Thug’s seventh studio album and is currently available on most popular streaming platforms. 


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