The University of Central Arkansas’ women’s basketball team (1-1 non-conference) defeated the Hendrix College Warriors 74-35 in the Sugar Bears’ second game of the year. This was the seventh time the two schools have faced each other in women’s basketball. This is after an opening game loss for the Sugar Bears earlier this week. The game took place on Friday night in the Farris Center on the Scottie Pippen Court; the game was the first official college basketball game played on the court by either male or female since the name change. 

          Hendrix had one lead throughout the entire game, which was early in the first quarter. After the first initial push by Hendrix, the Sugar Bears clawed back immediately and put to rest any hope that the Warriors may have grasped when the game first got underway. UCA stretched out the first-quarter lead to 14 points with a score of 24-10 heading into the second quarter. The Bears used a stifling defense to cause an abundance of missed shots for the Warriors.  Hendrix was held to 19 percent shooting from the field and 14.8 percent shooting from behind the three-point line. 

           UCA also used an outstanding shooting performance in route of the Warriors. When halftime came about, the Sugar Bears were shooting a stifling 60 percent from the floor.  The halftime score was 46-19 in favor of the Sugar Bears. The trend of the game would continue throughout the third quarter, where UCA would lead 61-31 by the end of it. The game concluded in the Sugar Bears’ favor. The shooting percentage for the Sugar Bears at the conclusion of the game was 56.9 percent from the floor and 33 percent from deep. The Sugar Bears only shot the ball three times from deep.

             UCA had strong production from their bench depth. The UCA bench provided 22 points. UCA also took advantage of a rebounding advantage with 16 second-chance points.  The Sugar Bears also forced Hendrix into enough turnovers that UCA converted another 16 points off of turnovers.

          Lucy Ibeh, UCA junior forward, led the Sugar Bears with a team-high of 18 points. Ibeh also added a team-high nine rebounds, as well as two assists. UCA freshman guard Randrea Wright added 15 points for the Sugar Bears. Fellow UCA freshman forward Jayla Cody also reached double figures, totaling 11 points for herself. UCA graduate transfer forward Hannah Langhi scored 11 points. Langhi contributed three rebounds and three assists as well.

           UCA’s women’s basketball team will be back on the road for their next match-up. The Sugar Bears will be facing the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma. The game will take place Tuesday, Nov. 16. UCA will be back home again on Saturday, Nov. 20, against the University of Louisiana at Monroe Warhawks.

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