The FCS made a final decision on what the fall season would look like on Aug. 7 when it was decided that all fall sports would be moved to the spring. 

The Southland Conference decided to let teams play non-conference games in the fall. 

UCA was one of the teams that decided to play these non-conference games and as of Aug. 20 UCA has signed six games for the fall. 

The decision from the FCS to move conference football to the spring comes in wake of the still growing impact that COVID-19 is having on the country. 

Before the decision was made by the FCS UCA head coach Nathan Brown and his team made no changes in the way they were preparing to play. 

We will adjust to whatever the NCAA, Southland Conference, and university decides is best for the 2020 season,” Brown said. “We have great leadership in place, along with a great medical team here at UCA. I know they will make the best decision to try and move forward with the student athletes' health at the front of their minds. I know our young men are ready to play but we can conform to any schedule and will be ready for whatever is thrown our way.” 

With the decision from the FCS to move fall sports to the spring, UCA is now in the process to sign teams to play in the fall. 

It is not for certain who UCA is talking to to play in the fall but even before the decision to cancel the season came UCA was prepared to play either way. 

“If our conference cancels but there is enough interest in playing football in other leagues and we can get games, we will still play,” Athletic Director Brad Teague said. “ASU is confirmed for Sept 19. Everything is pending the virus.” 

The pandemic that we are in right now is so unique and different that it is possible that the games that are signed may not happen. The safety of the players and coaches has been on the mind of the school since the pandemic started. 

The unknown of the pandemic could even make the spring sports schedule a question mark. There is just so much uncertainty that it has become a day to day process. 

According to the NCAA, any team that plays a fall season would have to go through waivers to be able to play in the spring. 

Dr.Teague was unavailable to comment on those waivers at this time. 

This season will be unique due to the fact that we will see teams that we have either never played or have not played in a long time. So even though there is no conference title to be had this fall we will still see a season that could be one for the history books. 

There is no word at this time on if fans will be allowed at the games. 

The week zero game against Austin Peay State University will still be played on August 29 to start off the unique season. 

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