Junior center Hayden Koval will be leaving UCA to transfer to UNCG ( University of North Carolina- Greensboro).  Koval is transferring for his final year of eligibility. 


Koval thoroughly enjoyed his time spent at UCA. “Over the past three years I have made memories that will last a lifetime, and I will forever cherish those relationships,” Koval said.


In Koval’s official instagram post announcing his future plans for basketball, he explained his reasoning for transferring, being one heavily influenced by his christianity. 


Koval also shed light on the difficulty of being in the transfer portal during the coronavirus. Koval was not able to visit campuses or meet his future teammates, likely next semester will be the first time he steps on campus of UNCG. 


“I have a great love and respect for Coach Boone and each member of his staff, and I wish nothing but the best for the UCA bears,” Koval said. Sending his good wishes, Koval is off to transfer. 


In addition to his thanks for the UCA basketball program, Koval also shows his thanks for Link Year Prep- the program he was enrolled in before he came to UCA. “I also want to thank Coach Doynes and Coach Grant at Link Year Prep who have allowed me to work out with them and play the game I love during this pandemic. You both have been a sounding board for which I am so grateful,” Koval said. 


After thanking his previous coaches, he also thanked his parents for being so understanding in the midst of this transfer and his new coach, Wes Miller for the opportunities coming. Koval’s post was full of comments with well- wishings from his previous teammates at UCA. 


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