With the basketball season ending, the Sugar Bears entered the postseason with a record of 13-14 overall and 9-7 record in conference. The season was shaped by strong winning intentions, new coachable tactics and a tightly-bonded team. 

“The season was really good, it was different than most seasons,” junior Romola (Ro)  Dominguez, guard on the basketball team said. “I enjoyed getting so close to my teammates, playing some of the top teams in the country, meeting the fans of UCA, and winning again and again and again.”

The women’s basketball team had a tough start back in November that  later developed into numerous wins at the beginning of 2021 when the team traveled through Lousianna and played Southeastern Louisiana University and New Orleans.

The Sugar Bears defeated New Orleans in Louisiana and at home within a two week time span. 

Overall, for the 20-21 season, the Sugar Bears scored 1,479 points with an average of 54.8 points per game.

The Sugar Bears won 7-4 home games this season and lost 4-9 away games, and ended the season with 2-1 in the Southland Conference Tournament.

“Overall the season went well. Just like any team, we had our highs and lows but when it came down to it, we overcame anything in our way,” senior Savanna Walker, point guard of the team said. “We made it to the final four of the conference tournament.”

Covid-19 has continually changed sports seasons, with basketball being no different. 

Walker said, “the pandemic made the season different than any other season. We were willing to take any precaution needed for us to play and as a result no one on our team (players, coaches, or trainers) contracted Covid.”

The Sugar Bears tore through the postseason with two consecutive wins in the Southland Conference Tournament that took place in Katy, Texas, from March 11-13, 2021. 

In the first game of the tournament against Houston Baptist, the team won 56-51, with senior guard-forward Briana Triggs recording her third double-double for the season. 

The second game that took place on March 12, 2021, resulted in a 69-55 victory over Lamar University, but was met by a loss the next day with a score of 47-55.

“Winning the conference tournament was our goal, although this did not happen there were many successes throughout the tournament. We earned a “by” for the first round, and then went on to win 2 games to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament,” Dominguez said. “We played an amazing game against a very well coached SFA team. I believe that as a team we learned a lot from this tournament and we grew as players and individuals.”

Even with the season coming to an end, the Sugar Bears can look back on a great season and look forward to the upcoming season in the fall. 

Dominguez said, “the season was definitely one to remember, I am super excited that we are heading over to the ASun, and can’t wait to see all of our fans and supporters, you guys mean the absolute world to us!”


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