It was a successful two game trip on Friday, March 26. in Springfield, Missouri for the University of Central Arkansas Beach volleyball team. 

The Beach Bears went 5-0 against Ottawa University and 3-2 against Missouri State. The number one duo, senior Aly Brinkley and senior Colene Hamilton, defeated Tina Sesa and Hanna Murry 21-10 and 21-7. 

Junior Faith Hasness and sophomore Evelyn Griffith as the number two duo beat Taylor Mobley and Adrianna Skipper 21-9 and 21-16. 

Hasness said “speeding up the tempo of practices helped us to have control and play our level of game. I went into practice thinking it’s game day and treated it as if I was really about to play a match.” 

Junior Kelsie Sager and senior Makenna Schmitt held on to the win as they beat Kourtney Collins and Stefanie Mitchell 21-11 and 21-11. 

In the number four position, junior Kayla Cook and sophomore Julia Oravec showed no remorse, winning 21-8 and 21-5 against Jessica Gibson and Dennisa Dafay. 

In the number five match against Ottawa, junior Shannon Stone and freshman Bria Garmon came out on top 21-6 and 21-5 against Kristinia Thomas and Mia Burge. 

Hasness said before their next game, she wants to work on positivity, being aggressive, and first ball side out is always on her mind. She also wants to work on growing as a team and creating a sense of unity that will help moving toward the conference tournament. 

The Missouri State game had a few bumps but not enough to take away the Beach Bear’s second victory. 

In the number five match, Garmon and Stone beat Brooke Plessner and Gala Galabova 21-14 and 21-16. 

Then came Sager and Schmitt who defeated Parker McAllen and Kylee Davis 21-18 and 21-13. Tory Penick and Pamela Jaime got Missouri State a win against Oravec and Cook, 21-16 and 22-20. Chloe Filipski and Tylar Garrett got Missouri their second win against Brinkley and Hamilton, 21-19, 22-24, and 15-11. 

Hasness and Griffith took a different route winning 21-15 against Chloe Tome and Grace Cook. Missouri State put their best foot forward and won 22-20 in the second set which took the game to a third and final set. Hasness and Griffith didn’t let up and won 15-13 for UCA. As a duo, Griffith said Hasness and her compliment each other in their differences in emotions on the court. She said, “I get very hyped and energetic and Faith is very calm and collected. It helps me when games get tight and she is very constant in her energy and mindset. We also differ in our styles of play. Faith has incredible shots with a lot of finesse (along with great wrings) and my strength is in my power and on my swings.”

Griffith said, “I think my biggest goal is to not forget that growth is a process. I need to continue to fight for progress even when there is failure. I also am focusing on being aggressive from point 1 to 21.”


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