The Southland Conference announced its volleyball conference regular season would be moved to the spring after originally being cancelled.

“The conference had not yet decided when they were going to play, all we knew was that the fall was most likely not going to happen, so we scrambled to get games in place with other conferences,” head coach John Newberry said.

Although the team set up 14 matches for the fall, they only played five just in case they went over their allotted number of games, in order to qualify for the Spring.

“We wanted all fall sports to be in the fall because we couldn’t guarantee games for our seniors. A lot of them are either graduating or they’ve got internships or more important things in life,” Newberry said.

The modified conference regular-season schedule will consist of 12 matches instead of the usual 16, beginning on Feb. 2. The schedule will be contingent on health conditions at each university and schools will seek guidance from NCAA and local medical officials.

“The biggest thing is (our players) have to avoid high-risk scenarios. We’re already risking a lot just by being around each other consistently, but if we remain in our bubble and not allow other things outside to effect anybody then we’ll be okay with not having to worry about COVID,” Newberry said, “There’s no rule saying you can’t have a normal college life, the only rules are if you decide to do something, it’s going to limit you from being able to practice or play. It’s kind of one of those questions like, how much do you want it?”

UCA’s volleyball team will play six games at home and six away, with their first game set for Feb. 4 at Houston Baptist.

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