Morgan Rollow is a junior at UCA and plays on the women’s soccer team. Rollow is originally from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and decided to go out of state to play soccer in college and follow her dreams. Rollow is a health promotion major with a minor in sports psychology and wants to attend Physical Therapy school after undergrad.

“I mainly wanted to play soccer because it’s been a dream since I was little to play at the college level and I love sports. Additionally, as I got older, I realized that it was a very good way to pay for college. Especially, since I wanted to do grad school after I finish my undergraduate degree,” explained Rollow.

Rollow has been playing sports since she was four years old and it has always been a big part of her life. She wanted to take this love and passion and continue it as far as she possibly could. Choosing to play a sport in college comes with more responsibility and rules than most expect.

“We do a whole lot more than just practice and competitions. We have hours of meetings, alternate assignments, mandatory seminars, testing, and we do volunteer hours,” Rollow explained to me about what goes into being a college athlete.

Rollow juggles this on top of being a full-time student and having a job as well. Rollow explained that this isn’t new to her because she has been juggling this kind of workload since she was in high school, so she is used to being busy all the time. It’s all about making sure your deadlines and priorities are in order.

This has changed for the soccer team and alerted the way their season traditionally looks. Some seasons are shorter or longer depending on the sport. The season for soccer looks completely different than what it typically does.

“Well for soccer we have a completely different set up for our season. Usually we play the bulk of our games in the fall and only a small amount in the spring, but due to COVID-19 we are having an equal amount of games in both fall and spring, which means we are in season for a longer amount of time,” said Rollow.

Being a college athlete during the pandemic has not been easy. It is an added pressure on athletes to make sure they are wearing mask and abiding by all social distancing rules. There is more that goes into making sure the players are game day ready.

“We have to get tested weekly, screened daily before practices, we have to wear masks during weights, and we have a lot of extra precautionary measure we have to follow. For me personally, my classes are mostly online so I have been adjusting to that and I have to be extra cautious to stay negative for COVID-19, because if I test positive due to contact tracing, I can potentially make my teammates and friends quarantine as well. Which would make our team ineligible to play,” express Rollow.

If you are watching a UCA women’s soccer game, you can see Rollow playing mid fielder or outside defense in jersey number 8. Rollow has played six games this season and hopes to be able to play more as it continues into the spring.

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