Intramural chair embraces her position

Sophomore Jenny Chokbengboun enjoys her time working with UCA intramurals. She embraces the easy-going feel of intramural sports. (photo courtesy of Taylor Blair)


 UCA sophomore Jenny Chokbengboun is Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority’s intramural chair —  meaning she coordinates various intramural games and manages her sorority’s intramural teams. 

Intramurals, typically offered at universities, are recreational sports. Chokbengboun started playing intramurals her freshman year and loves the atmosphere during the games. 

“[Intramurals are] about getting out there, getting exercise, and having fun with friends,” Chokbengboun said.

Chokbengboun chose to play intramurals instead of trying out for a collegiate athletic team because Chokbengboun said that she likes that intramurals are just for fun and that there’s no pressure to win or lose. 

“[Intramurals are] not...really competitive. If you win, good for you. You get a t-shirt,” Chokbengboun said. 

Chokbengboun became her sorority’s intramural chair after several of her sorority sisters encouraged her to apply for the position. 

Intramural chair was a position Chokbengboun knew she’d love because she has played sports before, such as basketball and softball, since childhood.

Growing up, her parents were very protective and wanted her to focus on academics instead, but she didn’t let her passion for sports stop her from playing. 

“Doing sports taught me how to manage my time and how to be more active in my life,” Chokbengboun said. 

Today, Chokbengboun enjoys her position as intramural chair and she says it’s not a huge time committment. 

“It’s just letting people know when sports are, getting people to sign up and making sure your people are there,” Chokbengboun said. 

She said her position’s work is important because if an intramural team doesn’t show up, then her sorority is fined. 

As part of her position, Chokbengboun also turns in team rosters and attends manager meetings. 

“Manager meetings are for the more intensive sports, such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball,” Chokbengboun said. 

According to UCA’s 2019 Intramural Manual, manager meetings “cover schedules, rescheduling procedure, forfeit, inclement weather, disciplinary action, protest and all rules.”

Chokbengboun said the most difficult aspect of her job so far has been getting women in her sorority to sign up to play soccer intramurals. 

But after the soccer intramural is finished, she doesn’t think her position as intramural chair will have any more obstacles. 

Besides serving as intramural chair for her sorority, Chokbengboun regularly participates in many of the intramurals UCA offers. When members of her sorority are playing intramurals, Chokbengboun is usually at the fields playing with the team or helping manage from the sidelines. 

UCA offers intramurals sports such as soccer, softball, kickball, flag football, volleyball, and tennis. 

Her favorite fall semester sports are flag football, and her favorite spring sports are basketball and volleyball. 

“There’s literally [a sport] everyday that you can go do,” Chokbengboun said. 

In the end, Chokbengboun prides herself balances her position as intramural chair by bringing homework to the intramural fields and using her time on the fields as a way to decompress. 

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