Freshman MID Brooke Franklin is a soccer player who has been dedicated to her craft since she was 4-years-old.

Franklin is a speech pathology major and health communications minor at UCA. The passion she has for helping people on the field also crosses over into her degree, she said.

Soccer worked as a method of stress relief for Franklin, which pushed her to keep playing.

“What made me want to keep playing was when I would have a bad day, then I would go play soccer and be fine,” Franklin said.

The competitive aspect of soccer is something else that drives Franklin to keep on with soccer.

“I could never see myself not playing soccer,” Franklin said.

UCA Soccer’s atmosphere and the appreciation for their players makes it fun to play in college, she said.

“It's the perfect balance because they really care about your school,” Franklin said. “They really care about you, because at a lot of other schools you’ll just go there and they just put you on a team, but here they actually care.”

Being a part of the soccer team helps Franklin feel more welcome at college because she could not see herself as being a part of any other organization.

“I felt like if I didn’t play a sport, I would just be at school,” Franklin said. “I really wanted to be part of something, like a team.”

Franklin looks to both of her coaches for positivity and support. Women’s Soccer Head Coach Jeremy Bishop and Associate Head Soccer Coach Derek Nichols are very constructive and respectful toward their athletes, she said.

“I look up to them just for being respectful,” she said.

As for fellow athletes, Franklin is inspired by Senior MID Anika Sultan because of her attitude on and off the field.

“She’s very positive and a hard worker,” Franklin said.

Looking back, Franklin’s biggest highlight of her first semester playing at UCA was during their last game against Missouri State.

“Our last game went into overtime twice and then in the last two minutes one of our teammates scored,” Franklin said. “We all ran out onto the field and it was fun because I’ve never done that before.”

As for the spring 2021 season, Franklin is excited for more chances to showcase her talents on the field. Her goal is to be a starter for the team.

“I’m excited for the possible chance to play more,” Franklin said.

Franklin played in high school for the Development Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma.

In her free time, she loves to hike and spend most of her free time with her friends. She has two dogs at home, a bulldog named Lola and a Golden Retriever named Harley.

UCA Women’s Soccer’s next game is February 12, 2021 against Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

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