Kevin White

Kevin White has a wandering soul. His hometown of Prescott, Arkansas, is a small city of around 3,000 people, but he’s ready to expand his roots and travel the world.

He is completing the final semester of his senior year with a double major in Linguistics and English with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and has a goal of one day teaching literature in Europe.

“I think I eventually want to teach overseas, but for now, just to teach in the states is the plan,” White said. “I’m not ready to go overseas just yet. I want to explore the United States for a while. I want to live here for a bit. But eventually, I want to teach in Europe.”

While White waits for his dream job to call him to Europe, he already has his time here in the U.S. planned.

“I’m very passionate about national parks and nature, and I’m wanting to visit all 63 national parks,” he said. “So I am going to take some time off next year to kind of explore that goal and to just spend some time connecting to myself and connecting with nature all throughout the Northwest.”

White has already been to several national parks — Sequoia and Rocky Mountain national parks are tied as his favorites.

Over the summer, he plans to travel to Alaska. While he’s there, he’ll visit some of the Alaskan national parks. 

White has several activities he likes to do in his spare time.

“I like to go thrifting — I’m a big thrifter. I like to go hammock and read a nice little book. I’m pretty musical. I play piano,” White said.

Many aspects of life inspire White, but he finds most of his inspiration through the people he encounters.

“I guess I would say, in general, it’s people who are a little more rebellious [that inspire me].

People that really challenge norms and what has been accepted and people that try to get ahead of the game in history,” he said. “They can sort of slip forward and see what we’re going to look back at and say ‘that was silly.’ And I try to be ahead as well and try to think about what we’re going to look back on.”

Over the past few years and during his time at UCA, White has experienced a lot of personal growth. 

“One thing that I really do like about myself is that I can really make myself laugh, and I enjoy being around myself,” he said. “I feel like a friend to myself, and I feel like that’s something that maybe not everybody can experience all the time, and especially in our society, it’s all about finding someone else to kind of do that for you.”

White’s advice for incoming students is to “be open to change.”

“Know that it’s going to be a very challenging time of life, but it’s going to produce good character development. It’s going to be good for your plot,” he said.


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