Garrison Carroll

Freshman Garrison Carroll is an engaged student, ready for his future at UCA. Carroll is also a member of UCA’s cheerleading squad and is determined to make campus life better for everyone around him. 

“The University of Central Arkansas was an appealing choice to me because of its proximity to home, student and professor ratio, as well as a diverse student body and its reputable cheer program,” Carroll said. 

Carrol is a pre-nursing major and is planning to minor in English. 

“I chose my major for two reasons. From an emotional standpoint, I thought why not apply my compassionate and empathetic nature to a career that requires both qualities. From a practical standpoint, the emergence of the coronavirus showed the world that medical field positions are always needed,” Carroll said.

Carroll also holds the cheer team very highly and loves what he represents while participating.

“To represent such a highly regarded program here at UCA is an honor in itself. I chose UCA cheer specifically because of the hard-working yet enjoyable atmosphere that I witnessed during my first visit to a collegiate practice. Representing the school through cheer has not only provided me with opportunities to get to know my peers, but it has also shown me the importance of community in the foundation of UCA as a college,” Carroll said. 

Originally, cheering at the University of Central Arkansas was not part of his plan.

“I actually wanted to join the University of Arkansas cheer program, however, if I was going to continue athletics in college, I wanted to compete. Since [the] UofA does not compete, I figured why not go to UCA with one of the best collegiate cheerleading track records in the nation,” Carroll said.

Being able to compete with UCA’s cheerleading squad is important to Carroll and keeps him motivated to compete in the real world for his future. 

“Competing through athletics is something that I have done from a very early age, and I value it because it provides insight into how the world operates. So cheer and school actually align in the sense that dedicating physical and mental work is the best way to achieve a goal, which is what drives me to do my best,” Carroll said. 

Coming from his ethnically diverse hometown of Rogers, Arkansas, Carroll loves the way UCA’s campus life incorporates diversity. 

“My favorite part about the social life here at UCA is its willingness to accommodate every personality, subgroup and background into events. It is important to me that my school campus and social life reflect the ideals instilled upon me by the environment in which I was raised,” Carroll said.

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