I hate cutting cheese from a block, it’s way too inconvenient. I have to get a knife out, sometimes wash one, and a cutting board all for one piece of unevenly sliced cheese. 

I don’t like the action of grating cheese and I never have. I get scared that skin from my finger could get in my cheese. I like thick and thin grated cheese on certain foods, but at what cost?

Now, coming from a student, I can confidently say that sliced cheese is too expensive. 

I mean, if I buy a pack of Kraft cheese singles at Walmart, because the Walmart Brand cheese does not taste the same, I’m going to spend $3.97 plus tax for 24 slices of cheese. 

That’s too much money and sometimes I can’t justify paying that at the grocery store. 

Let alone having to pay for name brand cheese that probably still has 20 different preservatives in it. 

Also, I am aware that there are cheeses in the world right now that are spreadable. 

Take a moment and clap for cream cheese. 

Cream cheese was literally made for humans to spread. 

Cream cheese can lead by example for other cheeses by simply saying, “you can be spreadable, just like me.”

I love cream cheese but it is really fattening, which is the main downside to getting it. 

I will add Easy Cheese, that bright orange rubber cheese that comes out of the can, even though I’m not sure if there is even any real cheese in it. 

Some more spreadable cheeses are variations of bleu cheese, brie, buchette, feta and goat cheese, and ricotta. 

These and more cheeses can be spread sometimes, but other times the cheese can be firm or harder than usual. 

I just wonder why all cheeses can’t be spreadable though. 

There are literally 10 different kinds of cheddar cheese, and none of them are spreadable or soft. 

Why should I have to choose between cheddar or pepper jack for my weekly sandwiches just because of the firmness of the cheese?

Make cheese like spreadable butter. 

There is no reason why I shouldn’t be spreading my cheese of choice like I spread my butter in today’s world. 

The technology is there, we just aren’t utilizing it to our fullest advantage.

It would actually probably cost less to just bulk the cheese in big containers. 

This would make cheese ready to use at any time, and also kind of like a cheese dip that could be eaten straight out of the container. 

I like the texture of hard cheeses, but they could be spreadable. 

That's the point, if the cheese can be made to spread, why is it not available yet?

Instead of awkwardly cutting cheese from a charcuterie board, maybe even getting some cheese rind on your toasted baguette, just use a knife and spread the cheese right on.

There would be no hassle to spreadable cheese, and I think all kinds of cheeses could be available in this form.


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