NBA should change their logo to honor the late Kobe Bryant

In late January, NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash that also took the life of his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna. To commemorate his legacy, the NBA should redesign its logo in his memory.

After the recent passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, the NBA should consider changing the logo to honor him. 

Bryant passed on Jan. 26, 2020, in a tragic helicopter crash, along with eight other passengers. Bryant played 20 years for the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five NBA championships. The logo should be changed because Bryant meant so much to the game. Because he played 20 seasons for one of the most historic franchises in sport’s history and  accomplished so much during his career, he should be honored. 

The original logo, which featured NBA legend and Laker great, Jerry West, has been the logo since 1969. West, who was the general manager of the Lakers, also chose to make a trade to draft Bryant in the 1996 NBA Draft. West played a significant role in Bryant’s career. I think if any player were to replace him, West would want it to be Bryant. 

Bryant influenced many NBA athletes in today’s game. All-star players such as Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Devin Booker and Demar Derozan have all talked about how much Bryant meant to them and the game of basketball. I think the logo change is the best way to show the true impact that Bryant had not only on the NBA but on the game of basketball as a whole. 

Over the last decade, the NBA has become very popular in China. Bryant was one of the biggest reasons for this. Bryant has had the highest-selling jersey in China for most of the last decade. 

Bryant was also named a cultural ambassador by the Asia Society and launched the Kobe Bryant China Fund in 2009. Featuring him on the logo would be a way for Bryant’s fans in China to remember him and honor him. 

The logo change would also be beneficial for his family, because the one thing that Bryant loved more than basketball was his family. Making him the logo would give his family another way to honor him. 

This change would be great for all of the young athletes who never got to see Bryant play. 

Seeing him as the logo could inspire them to go back and watch past games and learn from him. 

Bryant inspired so many young people in this This change could possibly do the same for the next generation of athletes and fans and keep both the Bryant legacy and the ‘mamba mentality’ alive.

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