Students should take advatage of the services offered on campus

When paying for college, one should consider that classes aren’t the only thing students pay for. Along with the registration fee for classes, there are additional fees that must be paid in order to attend the university. Everything on campus that is available to students has been paid for already by students’ tuition. One might think services such as going to the library, using the HPER or even going to the student center is just a perk of being enrolled in the school, but that is far from the truth. Besides the common fees such as your dining plan, room and board and registration, students pay many other fees that total to about $1200. With that being said, all students should take advantage of these amenities and services that we have already paid for.

Some students have complained about the cost of fees or complained about even having to pay at all for fees that don’t benefit them such as the $304 student athletic fee. While that is debatable, most of the fees we pay for are extremely useful to students and can benefit them greatly. Unfortunately, some students are wasting their money by not utilizing them.

One fee students pay that is underutilized is the student health fee. The student health fee is $75 per semester. It covers all services offered in the Student Health Center such as doctors appointments, Women’s Center services and the counseling center. It is common for students to visit the student health center if they are suffering from common illnesses such as a cold or flu, but what some students don’t realize is you can go there for nearly anything. You can visit the center for things like acne, pain, sleep problems, anemia, std screenings and more. Not to mention, students can visit the counseling center for any mental health problems they have. Students might think small, more common, or even not so common things may not be worth scheduling an appointment for at the student health clinic but it is. It’s already paid for and there is no limit to how many times students can visit the clinic. The clinic can also prescribe medicine, often for little to no co-pay. Take advantage of that and visit the student health clinic before scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician.

There are other fees students pay that they might not realize. Students pay $216 per semester for the technology on campus. This includes all computers, copiers, scanners, printers, wifi and more. If you have a laptop that you use to do most of your work on this might not seem as needed outside of class but it can. Not only can students have access to

up-to-date Mac computers but also expensive software such as Abobe programs without paying out of pocket to get certain programs on your personal laptop. Even if you don’t need Abobe’s design and editing programs, students can get Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint on whatever device they choose using their university log in.

Other fees that might be of more common use should be taken advatage of as well. Students pay $145 for HPER fee. If you don’t care for weights or treadmills, go to a exercise class such as yoga or even play pool. The fine/performing art fee is $32. Get your money’s worth by attending a play this semester. The library fee is $48. Don’t waste it; go to the library and rent a study room to study. The student publication fee is $6. Pick up a copy of the Echo and read about what’s happening on campus.

Besides the previously listed fees, there are many others. Nearly all of your college student needs can be met by a service offered on campus. Even if you don’t think the school offers something, look into it and see if it does; you might be surprised. We spend way too much money to let it go to waste.


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