Being trapped in your head is something normal, but not when we end up doing it every day. With this pandemic happening and somewhat trapping everyone, people are mentally falling apart. Everyone has to try adjusting to a more solitude lifestyle, no friends, no social life because if they do so there is a constant fear of catching COVID-19. However, being solidified from the outside world has its benefits.

Being alone opens up the opportunity to have self reflection, and out finding who we really are. You go through your thoughts, emotions and actions and slowly start realizing more things about yourself that you've never noticed before. When being surrounded by other people it leaves little time for us as individuals to be our uttermost selves because we get lost in the crowd of people, which causes our authentic selves to get buried by the opinions of what they think we should be like. When you slowly start conforming into what you think others want, you don’t even notice that you're doing it. It’s so subtle but happens quickly, and in most cases it’s a person’s personality that ends up changing the most based on who they are with or what group they are around. The tiny yet noticeable changes raise questions and concerns that we end up needing to ask ourselves.

When starting the process of self-reflection it gets scary because you have to pick out your flaws and question the way you do things and work from there. Nothing about that first step is fun. Who wants to point out the changes of themselves and think it’s a fun step to take? The crazy thing is, that first step of questioning yourself is the most critical part to getting the process heading in the right direction.

Usually people will write their feelings and their questions for life and much more in a journal, or even do it as a writing exercise. However, self reflecting gets easier the more time you spend alone. It seems like a weird thing to be doing during covid especially when you could start a project or learning new hobbies, but with all these new insights, meditations, and journalism tasks you're taking a major step in helping yourself and helping discover what’s better for you and figuring out what you deserve in the present and future.

Once you finally get to the end of self-reflection your mind ends up feeling very refreshed and thus relieving all that excess stress that was just piling up on top of each other, and having found a new self love and self respect that no one thinks to achieve, this is a main benefit from the process. Just knowing that you can be just as strong alone as you are in a group and re-finding your own self and being comfortable around others and being comfortable in your

own skin.

It’s okay to be alone and do something for yourself and not feel like you're being selfish, or worrying about what everyone else is doing or acting around you. We were not made to please everyone we were only meant to live our lives the way we choose, so getting to know yourself when you feel you lost yourself, is more important than anyone else’s opinions and their needs. This process helps people realize that they need to take care of yourself and make sure you are okay before putting yourself in a situation to help someone else, otherwise the self you keep losing could just keep staying out of your reach.

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