The revolution of modern technology has shaped society to be focused on capturing moments instead of truly living them. Filming an event or experience is not the same as witnessing something in real time.

It can be difficult to accept that good moments only last for a fraction of the time that we would like. We now have technology that allows us to record things around us in order to watch them over and over again. Some of these events could be concerts, parties or important milestones.

What people fail to realize is that once a moment is over, the time used to capture it essentially took away from living in the present.

Growing up in the digital age, recording less and living more has always been a battle for me. Children are being born and raised to use technology in their daily lives, which can mean living through the internet or phone. While it can seem important to hold onto these memories, we as a society are losing the grasp of being in the present and experiencing things firsthand. 

Many people find this to be difficult when something exciting happens like a concert or show. Instead of watching the concert through their own eyes, many people choose to watch through a phone camera. 

When seeing Paul McCartney in concert, I believed that it was incredibly important to record the entire performance in order to remember it forever. Soon after it was apparent that not only had I watched him mostly through my camera, but I also missed out on fully experiencing one of the most exciting moments of my life. 

Feeling the need to record everything going on can also cause a certain level of anxiety. The pressures of needing to fit in with society and live up to certain standards is perpetuated by constantly recording and reliving events. 

After watching the concert videos over I almost felt as if this was the best thing that was going to happen in my life. The urge to relive the moment as well as to post it on social media in order to impress others was overwhelming. 

Life in the digital age seems to move at a fast pace, but it is vital to slow down and enjoy what is right in front of you before it is over. This increases self-awareness and in turn can increase the quality of life.

Living through a phone camera can also make the smaller details less noticeable. Living life in the fast lane can cause people to lose track of tiny imperfections and details and focus more on what will happen next.

Once I learned the lesson of living in the moment, I stopped picking up my phone to record everything or take a lot of photos. I now feel more connected to my surroundings and closer to the people around me.

Real fulfillment does not come from reliving moments recorded on a phone. Although it can be easy to record the memory to look back on after it is over, this takes away from the essence of the present moment. True happiness is achieved through slowing down and taking in the life that is in front of you.

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