Opinions lead to personal, societal growth

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Even though it can be intimidating at times, it’s important to share your opinions. 

As I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered the value in sharing my opinion. Many people fear that their opinions don’t matter, but opinions can make all the difference.

Opinion sharing can lead to personal growth. No one views the world in the exact same way, so hearing others’ opinions allows you to learn more about the world. Therefore, when I learn about an opposing opinion, I’m challenged to rethink why I believe what I believe, which causes me to become more open minded. 

This aspect of opinion sharing is shown through the movie “12 Angry Men”, which depicts 12 jurors debating whether or not a young man should be given a guilty verdict.

Upon initial review, 11 of the 12 jurors believed the young man was guilty. Luckily, one of the jurors was uncertain that the young man was guilty, and he firmly believed in his opinion enough to challenge the other 11 jurors. 

Throughout most of the movie, the juror with the opposing opinion argued his belief, and by the end of the movie, he managed to sway the other jurors to say the defendant was not guilty. 

If the juror with the opposing belief hadn’t shared his opinion, the jury might have given a guilty verdict without knowing that the young man was truly guilty. This is just one example of why opinion sharing is beneficial. 

Besides gaining a better understanding of why you believe what you believe, sharing opinions can also help people grow firmer in their beliefs. When I share my opinion, I often make an argument as to why I believe my opinion is correct. 

Giving arguments to back up my beliefs allows me to locate the holes in my thought process and correct myself if my opinion is has faults.

Opinion sharing can also help societies grow. When people share their research about ways they think society could improve or about a technology they’ve invented, they are paving the way for a more advanced society. 

Even though sharing opinions can be beneficial, not having an opinion isn’t always a bad thing. Topics can often have grey area, and it’s okay to understand both sides of an issue without taking a side. Additionally, I think there are times when it’s not necessary to share opinions, especially  if your opinions could hurt or insult someone else. 

Sharing opinions can be nerve-wracking, but we shouldn’t be scared to share our own opinions. Personal growth, a better understanding of your beliefs, and societal growth can result from opinion sharing. 

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