To preface, I support true feminism; I always have. I consider myself an avid feminist - yes, men can be feminists.

I was raised solely by my mother, naturally giving me an immense appreciation for women and insight into the life of a woman - the difficulties, the challenges and the beauty in the midst of it all.

I will never be able to experience life through a woman’s eyes, however, but what I will be able to do is support feminism from a male standpoint. Although, this is a concept that is starting to become difficult.

From what I see rising within the modern culture resides something promoting itself as “empowering,” but I perceive it as toxicity. Although, I understand the thought.

Modern feminism is progressively turning against men.

More and more, I see constant hatred toward men on the internet, in protests, in speeches and on various platforms of communication. I have experienced it in my workplace, in my classrooms, on the internet, and even by the way I’m spoken to or looked at by some women. (And no, I did nothing to provoke it.)

Am I hurt by it? No, and I don't believe it is right for me to complain about such a thing when women have been under more oppression than men for years.

I could potentially understand why some women feel this way though - the faults of men, the perversity that many boys portray, the poor leadership of several men, the degradation and disrespect of women from males, the list goes on - but feminism should not turn toward hatred of the opposite gender. And, yes, I used the words "boys" and "males" to clarify that true men do not treat women in such a manner.

Instead, I believe it should team with masculinism as each party needs the other to succeed. Our world needs feminism as well as masculinism. Each party supports and complements one another in various ways, which can lead to success in the long run.

Success comes from unity, not division. Our world shall be in shambles if division continues to spread; We see it already growing, unfortunately.

Feminism needs the support of men, but how does it obtain the support if it promotes hatred against men? 

Imagine yourself needing help - financial, educational, whatever, you name it - but the people around you are foes of yours. Considering they are your enemies, will you continue to oppose them and push your dislike upon them in order to receive help or will you fight for equality with them and ask for support alongside them? Much more is feasible to be accomplished when people see eye-to-eye.

Feminism derived from a time of living in an absurdly skewed society in which women did not receive equal rights. It arose to promote equality against these poor factors held against women - not to put down men and promote detestation.

It was to rise above and attain the power that predominantly men used to hold, alongside other men. Unfortunately, some issues regarding rights and equalities still reside in society and the economy today; I won’t ignore the fact. 

Fortunately, several rights have been given to women over the years, with the support of men alongside them, which have made our society exceedingly better, and I believe it shall continue to do so.

I’m not saying all the power lies within the hands of men, nor am I putting men on a pedestal, but if men were in opposition to the progress of feminism throughout the ages, numerous rights could have been stripped or not rightfully given in the first place.

Thank goodness this isn’t the case, but there is still more to do. I won’t get too political here, though. Although, I am glad to see more women in power these days and making more changes. May it continue.

Considering the roots of feminism were founded upon equality, that is what it should go back to. 

Women deserve just as much of a life as men do, experiencing equal and just opportunity in every respect. But this does not come by domination or hatred against the opposite sex. 

It comes by the cooperation and backing of each end, seeking success and the greater good for one another. This takes true humility with each side willing to hear the other out and swallow its pride for the other. Such an ideal instance breeds productivity, providing the attainment of the goals desired for and by each party.

Equality does not define itself as opposition nor does it identify as impartiality, but defines itself as fair, just and equal for each party. It gives way to the friendship between both sides and provides support from each end. 

I won’t disclaim that it takes fighting for, but it is how we fight that makes all the difference.

Women, your voices need to be heard. Make them loud and clear. I don’t reject it. Fight for the equality that you rightfully deserve as it is a necessity for all humanity. 

Men, support them as they do so and fight for them as well. Help women make their voices heard. You would not be where you are without them.

Fighting in the best manner is done with maturity and respect while holding true integrity and ambition. The hatred needs to halt - from both ends. The vicious speeches and actions against one another need to cease in order to progress further into unity, which will result in equality in the end.

If we live in unity among one another, we cannot put others below ourselves; we will merely be on equal grounds, bearing fair and just respect for those around us.

I find the old saying “Victory comes through harmony” to be true in this scenario as harmony (unification) among men and women is necessary to achieve the victory of equality for all. Unification is essential for striving toward this goal, but cannot be possible to bear with opposition and detestation.

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