echo chamber

As graduation comes closer with each passing day, I’m filled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

At the end of each year of college, there’s a comfort in knowing you’ll be back the next year. Senior year rolls around, and you abruptly lose the privilege of avoiding having to make plans about what you’ll do after you walk across the stage and get your degree from President Houston Davis. 

My final year of college has finally arrived and I’m learning how incredibly overwhelming the senior year of college can be. I even had to make my first trip to UCA’s Counseling Center to help deal with the stress.

Leaving behind a university that feels like a second home for the uncertainity of the real world is something that I don’t think I will ever be ready for, nor can I actually prepare for.

The uncertainty that change brings is scary, but it is also an incredibly fun time as well. As scary as the adult world is, it is an opporunity to make your mark on the world. You can finally use your degree and what you’ve learned to go out and change the world for the better. 

As an English major, I’ve spent countless hours analyzing literature, and now I will have my shot at writing my own literature and hopefully have it published. I don’t know if I will reach that dream, but I am happy I’ll at least get a shot at accomplishing it. We worry about failing in life after college, but it’s important to remember just getting a chance to work toward your dream is a dream in itself.

It’s important to remember you won’t have everything figured out once you graduate college, and that is completely fine. Everyone starts from somewhere: Oprah was told she was unfit for TV at one of her first jobs, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple, Walt Disney was told he wasn’t creative enough and Truman Capote was fired from “The New Yorker.”

As much as I want to stay in college forever, I realize that isn’t what is actually best for me. Being thrown out of my comfort zone and into a new situation is part of the cycle of life. I love college, but I realize there is only so much I can learn and experience and it is good to move on. I dread going into the real world and starting at the bottom of the workplace, but I have to keep in mind that it is just the start of what could be the beginning of reaching my dreams. 

The great part of the uncertanity in life is you have the opportunity to make whatever you want out of this uncertanity; you aren’t tied to any path. You get to be the architect and create your own path. 

Embarking on a new journey is always the scariest part, but in a lot of ways it can also be the most fun. Life always brings us changes while we’re in college and even after college, and it is important to just have fun with it.

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