One of my favorite things about the time we all live in is the willingness of individuals and businesses to become more eco friendly. So many restaurants have switched to sustainable straws and eco-friendly to-go containers, and so many individuals have started spending more time and money researching and buying zero waste products. 

Being mindful of the planet goes beyond shorter showers and buying a reusable water bottle. It’s about making a conscious effort to help our environment. It’s about using less plastic and encouraging more sustainability. It’s about working hard to make the world a better place. 

Obviously, I don’t love that the world has come to this. I hate that the frequent use of plastic and the high volume of carbon emissions was never looked down upon. This is about making sure our planet is still in good shape for future generations. 

Fashion has changed a lot in the past few decades and it, too, contributes to harmful pollution. It’s become more accessible to create your favorite styles for fairly cheap, which is a dream for any girl who needs a last minute outfit. It’s perfect for when you need cheap options for the holiday season or when you’re too busy to stop at more than one place to complete the perfect outfit for any occasion. 

Caring about the evironment is personal. You should care about the environment because ultimately all the things you enjoy and love about being alive are dependant on the universe still existing. Fast fashion is a key contributor to the rapid deterioration the earth. If you are truly living to dress and living for what outfit you can rock next, do your research. Get excited about being fashionable and sustainable. Care enough to contribute to the earth positively. 

Not only is it the fashion friendly girl’s dream and the peak of capitalism v. the environment, but it is also a nightmare for the state of our planet. 

Fast Fashion is just what it sounds like: cheap clothes at your door a day after ordering them. Whatever your heart desires, you can have it with little to no effort. It also means the clothes are made quickly, put together with low quality materials, and thus, are likely to be worn only a handful of times. 

According to Business Insider, Fast Fashion companies like Zara or Fashion Nova are responsible for negatively impacting the environment. About 10% of carbon emissions caused by humanity come from fast fashion. Fast fashion companies are the second largest consumer of water supply, and are responsible for polluting the oceans with microfibers. 

If you’re not yet convinced that this is an issue, look at the numbers. A whopping 85% of textiles go to landfills each year. That’s roughly enough textiles to fill the Sydney Harbor annually. These companies rely on polyester to make their clothes, and while it is a cheaper alternative, it is also responsible for three times more carbon emission than cotton. 

Before you spend an entire paycheck at Zara, think about other alternatives. Support local businesses. Make an outfit from the clothes you already own. Try not to support fast fashion. If you want something more stylish, plan ahead and go to a boutique. 

It’s this generation’s job to keep the environment as clean as possible.

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