A lot of people are against traveling right now since we are in a pandemic, which is completely understandable. However, seeing as there is no telling when all of this will be over and this might just be the “new normal” until there is a vaccine, I made the decision to take a road trip to Dallas for the weekend to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

I know some people are probably against this but it’s my truth and my decision. The people I traveled with and I made sure we took precautions to travel safely. I suggest that everyone who decides to travel does the same. I had a 50-pack of surgical masks which was necessary for a trip like this. It is also essential to bring disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray along since you will be in unfamiliar places.

We had to make pit stops at some gas stations along the way. Pandemic or not, those places can be filthy so it’s a must to never touch the gas pump and use a glove or wet wipe to pump gas. In addition, wear a mask inside the station, NEVER sit on the toilet in the restroom (which you should have been doing before the pandemic), and use a paper towel to use handles on doors. Make sure you sanitize your hands every time you get back in the car.

We stayed at an Airbnb for the trip. Due to Covid-19, Airbnb’s policy is for hosts to follow a 5-step policy to clean and sanitize the stay before guests arrive. However, the guests have no way of knowing if the host thoroughly followed those instructions. With that being said, it is good to wipe down surfaces yourself with disinfectant wipes and spray down all the areas with disinfectant.

While visiting Dallas, we went to a couple of restaurants and the Galleria mall. These are activities that many people do now while at home. So following the same procedures as at home, we were wearing masks while entering and roaming these places. The only time we took the masks off was to eat. It is also good to not touch rails or other things you can avoid touching. There were a few times I had to touch the railing to avoid falling flat on my face due to the shoes I was wearing, but after that I sanitized my hands immediately. A lot of places I visited actually had hand sanitizer stations available to the public. I definitely recommend using one every time you see one.

Since it was my birthday, we went to check out the nightlife. This is where you have to be extremely cautious because while intoxicated, people can be very careless. We drank before going out so we could avoid having to take our masks off.

This is a controversial topic right now, and I was hesitant to even write this in fear of being judged. But there are many people traveling right now despite the circumstances. I look at it as similar to sex education in public schools. People are most likely going to do it so we might as well teach them how to do it safely. I think traveling can be just as much as a threat as being in public in your hometown. Since the world is opening back up, it is just important to be cautious anywhere you go.

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