How To Avoid Burnout In College

Avoiding burnout in college is easily one of the most difficult things about being a college student. Listen, It is hard to balance a healthy lifestyle, being social, going to class, going to work and then studying the recommended 3 hours of study for every 1 hour that you’re in class. 


Actually that last one is pretty much impossible. If you're a full time student, taking 12 hours of coursework — assuming that they are all 3 credit hour classes — you would have to study 36 hours a week to keep up with that schedule. That is a full time job, and if the school is a full time job and you work, you will barely have time to keep up with relationships, eating, sleeping regularly. 


It’s no wonder that so many students are facing the issue of feeling constantly drained. While I personally like to joke around about surviving on coffee and constantly being sleep deprived because of trying to balance the difficult things college throws at me, I really do feel like I spend quite a lot of my life surviving on caffeine and longing for the moment that I will be able to sleep, even if it’s just for a few hours. 


In a perfect world, all of us would be getting our recommended 8 hours of sleep, drinking our recommended 8 glasses of water daily, spending our free time studying and working on projects and learning to stop procrastinating because the stress alone from that is bad for our mental health. However, the world is not perfect and we are tired, stressed, college kids who need to learn how to prevent burnout so we can actually get out of this 4-year struggle with a degree. 


Honestly, I get burned out pretty easily in anything I do. I could blame this on my short attention span and how I find myself getting bored with doing the same tasks repeatedly, but I tend to feel most burned out when I forget that the world’s not perfect so striving to be perfect is an impossible task. I know it's not an easy task to just stop being a perfectionist; I feel like a lot of us were taught in schools to be perfectionists and that is not something that's attainable, especially with the intensity of college. Sleeping is also incredibly important. Obviously we all know that we’re supposed to sleep at night, but in reality, it is so easy to stay up until morning in order to get your social interaction of the day. Also eat right, and drink something other than coffee, and at this point i'm writing this advice to not only you but myself too. 


It really is all a big balancing act, and you’re going to slip up sometimes, and you’re probably going to cry about the time you didn't read the part of the syllabus about attendance. You’re  going to want to cry when you realize you've gained 10 pounds because you're surviving solely off of chick fil a. You’ll also probably cry when you have four exams and three projects and a world of responsibilities all in one week. You’re going to get burned out and you’re not going to want to do anything, but the easiest way to avoid getting stuck in the permanent state of burnout is to get through it when you feel it coming on. Seriously, cry it out, and then get back to work because you’re a strong person and honestly, everyone around you is probably feeling the same way. 


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