And they met on Tinder...

Dating in college is weird because you have all different types of people who want different things. It seems like everyone is in a different stage of life when in actuality we’re all in a very similar place.

It’s hard to navigate when half of your friends are happily engaged and are excited about getting married. The other half of your friends have messy and chaotic love lives, and nearly everyone else you know are somewhere between being convinced they’re meant to be alone forever and crying because they think they might actually be alone forever. 

There’s a very obvious stigma about dating apps in college. Which is weird because nearly everyone I have encountered in college has admitted to either having a Tinder at one point in their life or having one currently. So why do we care so much?

I hear so much judgement passed on other people because of where or how they met their fiance. I hear a lot of people talking about how they have experienced life and dating differently due to living in an age and during a time where Tinder seems like the only way people are entering relationships.

My main point is that this is a confusing time for everyone. We are students in our 20s, and for some odd reason everyone wants to know exactly where they’ll be and who they’ll be with forever and they want to know for sure now. 

To my girls who spend hours swiping looking for their definition of a dream man: Please do yourself a favor and stop. Please turn the pages in your textbook instead of putting all of your energy into making the perfect dating profile.

To my guys who thrive on sending unsolicited pictures and cheesy pick-up lines and spend all of 12 minutes making a generic profile with the classic “I watch the office” bio:  Please also stop. Unsolicited pictures are basically criminal and nobody wants to respond to a generic message or be harassed when they don't respond. Simply calm down please. 

Above all else, to my guys and girls that love to judge: Stop. Tinder is an app. Tinder happens to be responsible for a lot of relationships I have witnessed. Don’t look at yourself in a different light because you feel that meeting on Tinder makes a relationship any less real.

Whether you love it or you hate it, this is now the world that we live in. Don’t worry so much about whether or not you’ll meet anyone or get married or have a Valentine this year. Worry about school. Worry about where you are now. Don’t worry about your friends’ relationships or whether or not they’ll last because of something as insignificant as Tinder. Essentially, only worry about things that are immediately affecting you.

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