A high-paying job does not guarantee happiness

According to dominant cultural narratives, happiness is tied to wealth. But reality quickly proves this misconception wrong.

One of the true dangers of the world is believing that any materialistic item is the key to true success in life. Money is one of the most common material items people seem to associate with happiness, and it is one of the most toxic.

Going to college just to pursue a job that makes an extreme amount of money by no means guarantees that you will live happily ever after. 

There are people who admittedly pursue a certain degree in college or specific job only for the income, and this is incredibly toxic. Although jobs are not meant to be enjoyed all the time, they are not supposed to be torture. Torture can mean extremely boring or dissatisfying.

Life is considered by many to be the pursuit of happiness, and chasing a job just for the materialistic aspect of it is the farthest thing from fulfillment. An occupation should be something one is good at doing, passionate about or interested in bettering themselves in. While this does not guarantee happiness, it is sure to help a little.

Some of these occupations that people wish to pursue are looked over because they might not pay as much as other jobs. The payoff of fulfillment and happiness should be just as important as making money for that exact reason. True talent or passion does not need to be neglected. 

With making money, where there is a will, there's a way. When pursuing a degree in a subject, there is always room to move up to not only make more money, but also to grow even better in that profession.

Even with pursuing a trade, there are countless avenues to take that can work up to something great. Just like the old tale “The Tortoise and the Hare,” slow and steady wins the race. Being able to work your way up doing something you love can pay off more in the long run.

It is vital to consider long-term happiness over convincing yourself that you are satisfied. Sometimes living paycheck to paycheck can pay off more than living in luxury. You can convince yourself that you are happy with all of the money you have, but it is all material in the end.

Suffering through stress and hatred is something that is also avoidable if you choose a job for happiness over monetary value. Stressing just to make a lot of money over enjoying what you do not only takes a toll on happiness in the long run, but also on your health.

In the end, it is so important to see more than dollar signs when looking for jobs. Your future occupation can help shape you as a person, and being in a negative and stressful environment can affect you outside of work as well. This can make enjoying the materialistic things in life hard even if that is what you worked toward.

Being passionate about what you do propels you to succeed and work to your highest potential. This can benefit your health, happiness and all around well-being for the future.

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