I don’t know why, but I expected my final semester of college to be a fairly easy and relaxed one. This is not the case.

I have never been as swamped with work as I am this semester, and, honestly, I’m having trouble coping with my workload. However, now that I’m halfway through the semester, I’m finally starting to find ways of living that are helping me handle my workload.

The amount of work I have easily makes me feel overwhelmed each week. Inevitably, the work also stretches into the weekend, and I end up working from home. This has put me in a vicious cycle. Because of all my homework during the week, I can’t keep up with cleaning my apartment, which brings me to my first tip:


  1. Keep your spaces clean

If my surroundings aren’t nice and tidy, neither is my brain or my numerous assignments. If this means I have to take a day from my weekend cleaning my apartment from top to bottom and putting off my homework for a bit, so be it. When I have a well-put-together space, the work I put into my assignments reflects that. Once your workspace is clean, I recommend lighting a candle or diffusing some essential oils. My favorites for concentration are eucalyptus and peppermint. If you’re feeling a little wild, go on and toss some lemon balm in there, too.

Another thing that keeps me from doing my best work is trying to fit as many assignments into a certain amount of time as I find possible. Here’s the thing, though — I overestimate myself every time. 


  1. One assignment at a time

I’m a huge list maker, and seeing all my assignments on one list makes me feel like they all need to be tackled in one day, in one sitting. Now I’ve started separating my lists into different days. If I have more than one assignment in one day, I will sit down and work on one until it is complete. Then I reward myself with a break. This break is vital to my brain. Thinking of academia for long periods wears me out, so I use my break to do something less productive. Usually, I’ll watch an episode of a show I’ve seen several times, so I don’t have to focus. Sometimes I’ll grab a little snack and watch a few TikToks. However, caution is advised with breaks. A timer is necessary and must be abided by.

I used to struggle with my mental health when overwhelmed, but it’s gotten better over the past year. College can be tough, but the best way to get through it is to have a community of support.


  1. Talk it out

From conversations I’ve had with coworkers and friends on campus, this semester is crazy for everyone. I don’t know about my classmates and friends, but having these conversations helps me feel like I’m not alone. When you talk out your feelings, you may find that someone feels the same way, and you may  find ways to help one another. If there’s an assignment you’re both struggling with, talking about the guidelines may make them more clear, and you can schedule a time to work on it together. If you’re looking for a way to destress, see if a classmate or friend has any tips. I spoke with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and we’re planning a hike to get to know one another better and get out from our cramped school-confined thoughts.

You never really know when a rough semester will hit, but hopefully, these ideas can help when one rolls around. And don’t worry, these semesters are over before you know it.


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