The UCA tennis team continued to play this weekend in the second part of the UCA Fall Classic Invitational Sept. 27 and 28th at the Conway Tennis Courts.

Walking out of the first week of the invitational with winners in three singles flights and in one of the doubles flights, the Bears took to this week to try and improve their double flights — all in preparation to compete in conference next year.

The team started out strong with the duo pair of sophomore Nuka Nonoyama and freshman Maja Geldic taking first in flight one doubles. The pairing of freshman Paulina Engback and junior Yada Vasupongchai took second for UCA in the second flight of doubles.

But when it came to first flight singles, Nonoyama saw eighth place just under Shannon O'Brien for ASU.

However, Vasupongchai showed out redemption for the team whe she made second place in the third flight of singles. 

While the team competed against five other schools, any goals or wishes for improvement were all their own. Sophomore Chunxi Xin said that their practices are productive thanks to one factor — music.

“We just practice hard everyday — and then we pop music everyday,” Xin said. “We have music at practice everyday. [Coach Wharton] said that if we are happy, then we will feel relaxed. If we are relaxed, then we are going to play good.”

Glendic credits their flight winnings the opportunity for the Bears to be split up based on previous rankings.

“We won a lot of flights because we all seperated into groups according to our ranking,” Glendic said. “I think last week a lot of us won our own, individual group for our ranking.”

In terms of what the team is most excited about in the upcoming season, Xin explained that the Bears are ready to begin improvements and fix any problem areas with pride.

“[We want to] give our best and get better,” Xin said.

The Bears tennis team will be back on the courts in Tulsa, Oklahoma Oct. 4 through Oct. 6 to participate in the SMU Fall Invitational.


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