When we have music playing, we tend to want to bop along to the songs that play. 

If we have a TV on, we want to keep looking so we don't miss the good parts. 

It’s like an automatic response stimulated from the sounds that we just can't resist. 

When it comes time to get schoolwork done, we tend to play music in hopes of keeping us from getting distracted like we would if we had a TV turned on to play a show or movie. 

That plan ultimately backfires even if we make a playlist titled “study time” because, at some point, we are going to want to skip or sing along to what's playing. 

That's why, in this case, a podcast is the better option to listen to while studying and trying to get homework done. 

With a podcast, you can choose any topic and let it play while you are working and not get easily distracted. 

Podcasts come in all varieties, such as true crime, sounds of nature, comedy skits and so much more. 

There are many options to pick from based on what you're in the mood for and what you're interested in.

Certain podcasts will have different effects on different people. 

Not everyone will feel motivated listening to the same podcasts. Some people get motivated by a podcast that others wouldn't.

For example, I listen to true crime podcasts such as “Crime Junkie” or “Morbid,” and I don’t have the urge to procrastinate as much as I would when putting on a TV show or a music playlist.

Listening to these podcasts makes me feel focused and motivated. 

It’s probably because that's how the hosts’ voices are asserted in the podcast.

With podcasts, there are no beats to make you want to dance along and lose track of what you're doing. 

It’s usually just people talking about certain subjects and ideas for minutes to hours at a time.

Podcasts can help your brain stay on track since there is nothing for you to look at or make you stop what you're doing because something good just happened, and you didn't want to miss it. 

They say there's a reason why listening to podcasts while doing schoolwork and other things is better than any other alternative. 

The reason is that podcasts make our brains use multiple sections at one time. 

Our brains are taking in information and visualizing what we are hearing at the same time causing our brains to function differently than if we were to sit in silence or play something distracting. 

Not only does it stimulate multiple sections of our brain, but podcasts also relieve stress as you're working.

It's a stress relief we don't even realize is taking place since it's happening subconsciously. 

With podcasts, it feels easier to stay focused on the work at hand. 


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