If you’ve been to a UCA football tailgate, chances are you’ve seen people wearing buttons made by small business owner Jade Cook. 

Cook is the owner of Jade’s Decals, a small business that is known for making custom buttons and decals. 

Cook is most popular for the tailgate buttons that she makes for the students on UCA’s campus, but she has many other products that she sells as well. These products include car coasters, koozies, and a wide variety of stickers. 

Cook started her business a few years ago and it has since grown. 

“I started my business in 2018 and expanded to Etsy in 2019,” Cook said. “My business started through an Instagram page and now we have grown to almost 8,000 followers and a great etsy page. Since I have added buttons to my business, I have really expanded. I also have been doing a ton of pop up shops and getting to meet my customers in person, which helps build a bond with my customers. I’ve facilitated my business by having consecutive marketing. This helps improve sales because I’m creating a bond with my customers.”

Cook has had pop up shops at several different locations. Most recently, Hipsway Boutique here in Conway, hosted a Jade’s Decals pop up for the Downtown Christmas Open House.

Being a senior marketing major at UCA has helped Cook tremendously with her business. 

“Since I am a marketing major, I take everything I learn from that and apply it to my business,” Cook said. “My major has a lot to do with my business, and I think with every class I take, it is helping me learn more and helping me navigate the business world.  I hope to attend graduate school and learn even more so that I can market my business well.” 

Cook promotes her business on several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram and has big plans for the future of her business. 

“My plans after graduation are to continue running my business,” Cook said. “I hope one day to be able to open up a store front & work out of there. One goal of mine is to be sold in boutiques across the country.” 

Anyone interested in viewing Cook’s product or making purchases can visit Jade’s Decals’ Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/jadesdecals?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1021175906

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