You are my worst enemy and my best friend. There are nights that I stay up and sit next to you, believing we are fine but in all actuality, you are hurting me more than I thought you could. 

Assignment upon assignment stack up, and I sit here neglecting my work to be with you. From YouTube rabbit trails, to random cooking, I spend most of my time running from what is important: my duties. 

I neglect my daily study. I neglect time with my friends. I neglect schoolwork and neglect studying for things that could help my future. 

In those moments, when my head is resting on your shoulder, I can’t help but feel guilty that we are still together. You toy with my emotions and make me forget the impending doom that is to come. I am 20 now, and life should be ahead of me, but instead, I continue to find another task to do with you. 

You would think you would get bored, that, the millionth tornado video or the solitaire game would eventually tire out. Yet, here we sit, on a Sunday afternoon, a day when all my assignments are due. With one out of five things checked off this week, the pressure is on and I remember again why I have you around: to avoid the stress of life. 

However, when I look inside myself I realize I can never rest until you are gone. Procrastination, you have to go. 

This is a letter of all the fun times we have had together, and truthfully they were some great times. I am just concerned that if I juggle life with you any longer, that I will miss something important. I loved all the Buzzfeed quizzes, the various impulse buys at the store to avoid going home, and random art projects around the house. You’ve been good, but it’s time for me to grow and find the productive side of me again. I have always had envy for those who can put aside everything and get to work, that’s not me, but I will learn to be. 

Without you, I will get assignments done. Without you, I will learn Spanish. Without you, I will travel the world -- okay, this last one is a bit out there. Yet, Procrastination, you have taken so much from me. Time has been wasted, events have passed, and adventures have been snatched from me. 

That is it. We are through and these next assignments will be done in a few. I am going to take time for myself once the paper is finished, but with one long road ahead of me, I might as well prepare me a cup of coffee… with sugar? With milk? With creamer? The options are endless. Maybe I’ll pick up one from the store before I get started… Eh, who am I kidding? I will talk with you tomorrow. 

With love and a cup of coffee at 2 am,

Every College Student Ever


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