I never thought I would dress up for school, especially because I wore uniforms for my 18 years of schooling. I had always heard that the only people who dress up for their classes on campus were freshmen, and they get over that really quickly. 

I find that quite negative and limiting! I get excited about planning my outfits for class if I have the energy, but sometimes I just roll out of bed. Being back in person and seeing so many people for the first time in almost two years is a big deal to a lot of us. Additionally, I saw my style change quite a bit during quarantine. It was a way to express myself outwardly, without saying a thing.

So in anticipation of slightly cooler weather, here is my list of basics that are essential to look cool on campus. 

1. Oversized sweatshirt

The simple sweatshirt is a college girl’s go-to. These pair great with jeans, leggings, and shorts and are highly customizable. These are one of my favorite basics, so I tend to go for simple clean-cut sweatshirts with no labels. My favorite is the men’s Hanes Comfort Wash sweatshirts. You can buy one online for pretty cheap, but I recommend just a quick trip to Goodwill or any other thrift shop! I buy my favorite sweatshirts at St. Joseph’s Flea Market on College Ave. They have weird hours, but it’s totally worth working it into your schedule. 

2. Canvas bag 

Bringing a purse to class can feel a little weird, especially if you’ve dressed bummy, or have a massive backpack as well. The perfect in-between is a casual canvas bag. These bags are extremely flexible and tend to blend into your outfit rather than drawing any attention. I have a few different sized canvas bags depending on how much I need to bring. I like to pack mine with a small card wallet, a pen or two, chapstick and snacks. I just leave my bag in my car and take it to class when I need it, then set it back in there when I don’t need it anymore. Keeping these in your vehicle (if you have one on campus) will help out whenever you need to slip by the grocery store so that you don’t have to waste plastic bags.

3. Comfy shoes

Being back on campus has its pros, especially the added exercise. If you despise walking, or if you love it as I do, comfy shoes are a must. Flashy or unique shoes are great and have their place, but a basic pair of comfortable shoes are an absolute must in your campus collection. I recommend a solid color: black or white or have a pair of both...I do! My favorite place to shop for shoes is Plato’s Closet on Amity Rd, right behind Target. They constantly have new inventory coming in, and you can get extremely good quality shoes at a much lower price. Unfortunately, I have found that price really does matter when it comes to a good pair of shoes, so go searching for discounts! TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross are other fantastic options. I also tend to look for athletic shoes, like running shoes. They seem to hold up with all the walking.  

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