UCA welcomed the newest Vice President of Student Affairs, Robin Williamson, to campus on June 14.

Williamson comes to UCA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Campus in New Jersey where she served the university as Dean of Students.

A first generation college student, Williamson began her undergraduate degree at Loyola University in Chicago and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She received her Master’s Degree through the University of South Carolina.

“I have worked in higher education and student affairs my whole career and just love it,” said Williamson. “I love working with college students, I love walking alongside them in their journeys to figure out who it is that they want to be and how to be the best version of that. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with college students, so it’s something that I’m passionate about and get a lot of joy out of.”

Williamson was drawn to this position at UCA as she began looking for a senior Student Affairs officer position. She was looking for “a place that really valued the student experience and that put the student learning and engagement experience front and center.”

“I had never been to Conway, and I’d never been to campus until I came for my interview, and I was just blown away by the sense of community that I felt on campus, and so I was really excited about being here. The more the day went along, the more excited I got about this opportunity and when President Davis called I was just thrilled.”

While working at her previous institutions, Williamson oversaw Housing and Residence Life, counseling services, the health center, first year experience, student activities and Greek Life, to name a few of her responsibilities. 

Former VP of Student Affairs, Ronnie Williams, worked closely with members of the Student Government Association on several projects throughout his time on campus, and Williamson said she will continue to work alongside them.

“I’ll have regular meetings with them. It really is one of the great parts about my job to support student government and helping them think about what their vision and goals are for the year in terms of serving a diverse student population,” said Williamson.

The search committee for this job position included two SGA representatives, Nelli Saxon and Emma Cheek.

“The Vice President of Student Affairs has a primary focus on student needs,” said Fredricka Sharkey, Director of Media Relations. “It was vitally important to include student voices as part of the selection process.”

The job description of the Vice President for Student Affairs states that the “position is responsible for oversight and strategic leadership of all student affairs and services functions to the university, including the Student Center, Campus Recreation, Counseling Center, Student Health Clinic, Institutional Diversity, student activities and new student programs, student leadership development, student conduct, Greek Life, Career Services, and the Disability Resource Center.”

Despite the large realm of responsibilities, Williamson is excited to be a part of UCA.

“I look forward to meeting as many students as possible. I look forward to coming to events and football games and other athletic events and theatrical performances. I really do enjoy the whole collegiate experience, so I just look forward to being a part of the UCA community,” said Williamson.

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