Chief of Staff Amy Whitehead held a Zoom presentation for UCA supervisors on July 22 detailing COVID-19 guidelines and leave options for faculty and staff.

UCA will offer several types of face coverings to all employees and students.They will be required in enclosed spaces unless there is a documented medical condition preventing the use of a mask.If a student doesn’t have documentation, they can be reported to the Dean’s office.   

While you can get a fine for not wearing a mask under Arkansas’s new mandate, Whitehead said she would like to try to avoid that and educate students on the safety of masks instead. 

Classrooms will be cleaned nightly and have specific ingress and egress points, and students will be given disinfecting wipes to clean their desk areas at the beginning of every class.

Picnic tables have been added around campus to encourage students to go outdoors instead of staying in enclosed areas.

Visitors and large events will be discouraged for the foreseeable future. Larger venues on campus may be reserved for use for larger meetings in order to maintain a safe distance.

Temperature checks and COVID-19 testing will be provided at the Student Health Center.

Human Resources is asking departments to only request PPE items needed in the short term.

UCA employees will be required to sign a return to work agreement stating they will not come to school if they have been around someone with COVID-19 or if they feel sick. The Human Resources department is asking employees not to return to work unless they have been cleared by a medical professional.

Remote work will be available with supervisor approval, based on the needs of the department and the ability of the employee to do their job remotely. Leave options may be available to UCA employees who are not approved.

Through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), full-time employees can receive two weeks of sick leave with full pay if they can’t work because they are in quarantine or symptomatic and waiting for a medical diagnosis. Employees can receive two weeks at ⅔ pay if they are caring for someone in quarantine or has a child whose school is closed.

The FFCRA also extends to FMLA, giving eligible employees ten weeks leave at a ⅔ rate pay if they have to leave work because their child’s school is closed.

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