UCA Physical Plant braces for COVID-19

The Physical Plant is taking measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although they are stocked up on most cleaning supplies, they are acepting donations of hand sanitizer.

In light of increasing coronavirus cases reported in Arkansas, the UCA Physical Plant is working to keep campus clean for students who decide to stay on campus, as well as faculty who are still reporting to campus.

Physical Plant Director Larry Lawrence says the Physical Plant will continue operations as they normally do but will pay extra attention to certain areas. 

“We are working to do all that we normally do, as well as focusing more on anything that someone would touch such as desk tops, counters, light switches, elevator buttons, door knobs,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the Physical Plant has the supplies needed to keep campus clean and they will not need to find new chemicals during this time. The chemicals they are currently using are deemed suitable to keep campus clean from the coranavirus.

Anyone who has recently made a run to the grocery store or checked social media is aware of shelves emptying from people loading up on cleaning supplies after the reported coronavirus cases in Arkansas, and that has caused problems for some Arkansans who are trying to remain protected from the virus.

Despite stores being emptied out of cleaning supplies, the Physical Plant doesn’t see this causing any issues for them. The Physical Plant is used to stocking up on supplies, and at the moment, they have the supplies they need. 

“We maintain a good supply of chemicals in stock and most are diluted when used, and so for the most part, we have what we need,” Lawrence said.

The only supply the Physical Plant is having trouble getting is sanitizer. 

“The only issue has been getting some quantities of hand sanitizer on an order we placed, but some of that is coming in, but a bit slower than normal,” Lawrence said.

While the Physical Plant works to keep campus clean for those who will remain on campus, there are ways students can help keep themselves and others safe from the coronavirus. According to the CDC, people should make sure they wash their hands often, use sanitizer with at least 60% alchol content, avoid touching their face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands, cover coughs and sneezes and most importantly, stay home or in their dorm if they are sick. For more information on how to stay protected from the coronavirus, visit cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention.

The Phyiscal Plant is accepting donations of hand sanitizer. For anyone considering donating sanitizer to the Physical Plant, its hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and it is located behind the Student Health Center.


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