Career Fair

The annual University of Central Arkansas’ Career Fair took place Nov. 3 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in the Student Center ballroom. Students were dressed to their best with over 60 potential employers in the building.  

UCA and faculty made it possible for students who could not afford or attain proper clothing attire for the event to have what they needed. This event made dressing appropriately in business professional attire a requirement for the student if they wanted to attend.

Kathy Clayborn, UCA’s director of career services, oversaw the event as it happened and helped students sign-in walking into the event. “I hope students get a part-time job, full-time job or employment. If a student gets a job here, it is a success for the student, faculty, and me,” Clayborn said.

This career fair is an annual event, however, the event was held online last year in a substantially different setting.  Multiple students at the event had not missed the annual career fair since they had arrived at UCA. It was noted that some of those students were impressed at the overall turnout. 

Matthew Aylesworth, senior and finance major, said, “I am just trying to meet new people and network with people I can really connect with.  I think they [UCA] are doing a really good job.  There’s a lot of people here and I have been to a few of these and I think this is the most I’ve seen at one.”

The overall common opinion of the event that the students shared was that the career fair is a real success. The students appreciated what was happening and sensed that these were real opportunities here for them.  

Brett Borchert, senior and marketing major, said, “This career fair definitely gives students a lot of options for what they need. I think they [UCA] provide plenty of opportunities for students after college. I think sometimes options can be a little bit limited depending on your major but I do think the career fair has a lot of options.”

The employers view this career fair as an opportunity for them to network and market their company to a large group of students. Lukas Burroughs, assistant regional manager at Penske truck leasing, said, “It is great that these students get to talk to employees that are actually with the business and at one point were in a similar situation. To actually get to talk to someone first is huge for the student.”

 The opportunity provided at the career fair is something that is valued in the UCA community.  The career fair will be back again next year.

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