The University of Central Arkansas has announced the President’s Leadership Fellows for the 2021-22 class.

“President’s Leadership Fellows is a student group of the most proven and seasoned student leaders on campus,” said Steven Shook, director of student leadership. “They serve as student representatives of the President’s Office. They get opportunities to sharpen their networking, communication and personal branding skills, and get to visit with leaders of the Faulkner County business community.”

Former UCA President Tom Courtway started the President’s Leadership Fellows in 2014. The 2021-22 inductees are members of the eighth class of PLF. Thirty-four leaders from different campus organizations were chosen.

To become a President’s Leadership Fellow, students must go through an application process. This program is only available to juniors and seniors by credit hours who have completed a full year at UCA.

Applicants fill out the application via CubConnect, then some move on to an interview.

“Those selected for the interview will undergo the interview in the Board of Trustee room. This 15 minute interview is facilitated by various faculty, staff and alumni of the program,” Shook said.

Chanel Dale, a junior, was accepted into the organization this year.

“My application process consisted of [questions about] past and present leadership roles, how I deal with conflict and a video explaining why I chose to attend UCA,” said Dale.

The questions asked during the interview process are created by the Center for Leadership Development staff members.

“The applications and interviews are scored based upon four criteria: demonstrated leadership ability, academic achievement (minimum of 60 completed hours are required for consideration), diversity of college experience and interpersonal communication skill,” said Shook.

As representatives of the president’s office, members of PLF get to share “their personal collegiate experience at various institutional events, on and off campus,” according to

“I decided to apply for PLF for the betterment of myself. I saw a leadership opportunity, and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Dale. “President’s Leadership Fellows sharpens your leadership skills and helps you learn from community members about networking, communication, personal branding, civic responsibility, real world leadership and decision making.”

The formal announcement of this year’s inductees will be Sunday, Sept. 26, at a 3 p.m. coat ceremony in the UCA Board of Trustees room.

For a full list of those accepted into the organization, see:

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