Third UCA employee tests positive for coronavirus

March 26 update:

On Wednesday, March 25, Angela Greenland, Clinical Instructor in UCA's college of education posted to her personal Facebook page that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

"I'm on day 10 of pretty severe symptoms. Hoping and praying the end will be in sight soon. I just want to say that this virus is very real and we should all take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of it," Greeland wrote on her post.

Her daughter, Megan Greenland, also confirmed the case with a post to her personal Facebook page on March 25.

"...we found out last night that my mom Angela DiGiulian Greenland tested positive for COVID-19," she wrote on her post. "I know she will get through this, I just hate there is little we can do to ease her discomfort. The immediate family, myself included, are self-quarantined."


March 23:

As of Monday, March 23, there are two known positive cases of coronavirus that are related to UCA’s campus.

On Sunday, March 22, UCA President Houston Davis sent an email announcing that an unnamed UCA employee had tested positive for coronavirus. This individual’s last time on campus was Monday, March 16, after which he or she began telecommuting.

The email says that university officials have already notified all those individuals on campus with whom the employee is known to have come into close contact with. All of those individuals are entering the mandated self-quarantine period. 

On Monday, March 23, School of Communication Interim Director Donna Lampkin Stephens sent an email announcing that Lecturer II in Communication and Principles of Communication Coordinator Staci Fritzges had tested positive for coronavirus.

Her last day on campus was Friday, March 13 and she let those with whom she had had close contact know on Saturday, March 14.

The email says Fritzges and her family have been home since March 14 and that she is doing better. It also quotes Fritzges as saying, “I have not had any breathing problems. I am not the sickest I have ever been.”

As of March 23, the Arkansas Department of Health has confirmed a total of 197 cases of COVID-19 in the state of Arkansas.


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