The Student Government Association will hold its elections from Wednesday, Sept. 14, until Friday, Sept. 16, at noon. Voting takes place on CubConnect, an application that can be found on

“It’s important for students to vote for SGA positions because we want students to elect those who they feel will best represent them and their interests,” senior Annabelle Van Asche, the election rules chair said. 

“Those who get elected to SGA play a key role in representing their constituents and forming UCA into a better learning and living experience,” sophomore vice election rules chair Phoenix Vu said.

“SGA connects the voice of the students to the administration of UCA and helps push the wishes of the student body towards real action. Just last year, SGA played a pivotal role in preserving the African and African American Studies major at UCA,” Vu said.

“SGA serves as a voice for students. UCA is great, but we understand that there is always room for improvement. Some previous projects include getting feminine products in campus bathrooms, getting RAs certified in CPR and First Aid, and, of course, the [student activity fee allocation] process which occurs every semester. I'm excited to see what projects this year brings,” Van Asche said.

SAFA is how registered student organizations can request funding for events.

“It really helps RSOs by easing financial stress and helping them accomplish what they want to do whether it be inviting a speaker, attending a conference or any other big events they want to host.” Van Asche said.

“One of SGA’s biggest roles is encouraging campus life and activities by funding events and RSOs. We put a strong emphasis on smaller and growing RSOs. We make sure they can afford to do what they want without worrying about member fees or fundraising,” Vu said.

“We have a lot of candidates running for positions, which makes elections interesting. You never know who is going to get it. With this semester being the most normal since spring of 2020, I think more people are excited to get out and do new things. There are going to be a lot of new faces on SGA this year,” Van Asche said. 

45 students are running, and there are 15 open positions — 4 of which are unopposed.

“This year we have enough people to fill all of our positions. SGA is still going strong. I think SGA will continue to grow, and there’s a good chance that every student knows at least one person on SGA. I encourage students to reach out and learn more about SGA and all the wonderful things we do,” Vu said.

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