The Student Government Association has sent a resolution to the Conway City Council condemning the harassment of UCA students by camera crews for the reality show “Campus PD.”

The SGA unanimously approved the resolution at its weekly meeting Monday night. The resolution said the television program on cable network G4 “might defame the character of the Conway community, the University of Central Arkansas, and college students.” It asks Conway police to bar the film crews from campus and private property and urges police officers to protect students from harassment.

The allegations against the film crews listed in the resolution include pressuring students to sign release forms, enticing students to commit lewd acts, attempting to bribe students to sign the forms or perform the acts and requesting personal information from students not pertinent to the release forms.

Several SGA members, including President Cody Wilson, Executive Vice President Meghan Thompson and Senior Class President Josh Bramlett, met with Conway Mayor Tab Townsell earlier this week to discuss the matter. Townsell asked for the meeting after published reports about the complaints last week. Bramlett said Townsell apologized for the problem.

Wilson said that he wants student to know and assert their rights when faced with the television crew. Students don’t have to speak to the film crews but must give police information if they ask for it.

President Allen Meadors told The Echo that he had talked to the city about the problem and was assured that the film crews would be more civil. He said that any students harassed by the crews should report it to the university administration.

The film crews will be in Conway until April 25.

You can read our previous story about the harassment here. After all, we were the first to report it.

If you are really adventurous, you can watch a clip from “Campus PD” here.

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