SGA met in the lobby of Baridon Hall at 5 p.m. to add transparency to its meetings  —it discussed changes to OrgSync, cafeteria hours and donations.

Senators heard from assistant vice president for Student Engagement, Leadership and Service Wendy Holbrook and coordinator of Student Organizations and University Events Hailey Canada about OrgSync’s transition to a new platform called Engage.

Co-curricular management software provider CollegiateLink recently bought OrgSync and is changing it into Engage, though its name will change. Because of UCA’s initiative to provide students with co-curricular transcripts — a feature offered by CollegiateLink — authorities decided it was best to remain with OrgSync through its transformation rather than switch to another platform.

Co-curricular transcripts would be official documents that serve as a record for all information currently included in transcripts plus a variety of extracurricular programs students are involved in on campus. However, to be reflected on the transcript, the program must fall into one of the following categories: diversity and inclusion, wellness, well being and personal development, intellectual and professional development, and community engagement and service.

“The idea is that you’re learning something,” Holbrook said, regarding activities listed on the transcript. “Just participating in Big Event [and] being a chair of Big Event are certainly different things.”

The site will be shut down for at least two days beginning April 29. All student information will be moved over to the new site and leniency will be provided for things such as RSO renewals as students acclimate to the new platform.

In other news, the writing and retention fee has been eliminated and replaced with a student success fee. Other fees may also soon be added.

Additionally, the Housing and Food Services Committee conducted a reusable to-go containers survey in the cafeteria March 4 and received 327 responses, 93 percent of which voted in favor of the containers.

The Food Committee, which is a university committee, has proposed many changes for the fall including: Renovations to the lower level of the cafeteria known as the pit, new computer systems and registers and a cafeteria hour change. If voters approve, the cafeteria will be open until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 7 p.m. on Friday. To account for the shifts and avoid charging students more to compensate for the workers’ extra hours, Starbucks would be open until midnight instead of 2 a.m. with the exception of finals week.

SGA also discussed Einstein’s remaining open on Bear Facts Day and Bear Essentials Day and replacing Seattle’s Best Coffee with a local brand.

SGA president Joshua Eddinger-Lucero said meal plan cost will inevitably increase for the fall semester.

“While the Board of Trustees will not vote on tuition and fee changes and room and board changes until their May meeting, room and board has gone up every year, probably for the last five or six years,” Eddinger-Lucero said.

Lastly, SGA unanimously voted to allot $500 to sponsor and produce the UCA Dance Marathon March 30. It also unanimously voted to match up to $1,500 in donations toward the emergency student scholarship fund on Day of Giving March 7.


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