SGA announces election results for 2020-21 year

Results of the Student Government Association elections were announced March 21, with one position remaining to be announced. A total of 1,366 votes were received.

Winning the uncontested race for Executive President was Jamaal Lockings with 1,289 votes. Serving as the Executive Vice President will be Javier Hernandez. Hernandez received 801 votes in the election.

“I’ve been serving on SGA the entirety of my college career and I know that I can not only foster the leadership within the organization but also strongly advocate for the voices of my fellow students,” Lockings said, explaining his reasoning behind running for the position. “I ran for Executive President because I understand the tangible impact this position has on the future of the Student Government Association and the UCA student experience.”

He then expressed his passion for serving in the senate. 

“My passion for this stems from knowing how much this position can do on campus. I have loved being on SGA, and I know how much it has made me grow as a leader while creating a better experience for the UCA students. Not only do I hope to contribute to our 110-year legacy of leadership, I hope to influence others to contribute to it. I really want it to be made known that anone can serve and it’s not about the title, it’s about your passion behind it. My vision is to have an efficient, dedicated and strong senate!” 

Lockings said he plans to advocate for a LGBTQ+ representative in the Diversity Office, promote better safety standards across campus, continue efforts of sustainability throughout campus, and foster a group of senators that are willing to become servant leaders.

Hernandez said he ran for the position because he “wanted to help make a positive impact on the organization.” 

“For far too long, SGA has been viewed as an exclusive organization, but I want everybody to know that anybody can be in SGA … I think we need to actually be held accountable to the students and that we need to look like the student body. We also need to be out in the community and not only talking about serving the students but actually doing serving students,” Hernandez said.

His goals for SGA are to improving transparency, increase diversity, and make the organization more service oriented.

The position of Vice President of Finance has not been announced due to a pending appeal of a candidate’s removal from the election by the Election Rules committee. The appeal filed was to remove candidate Davonne Moore from running for the position because of three campaign violations. 

“His violations were for putting up signage that hadn’t been approved by the Election Rules committee, refusing to remove the SGA logo from his campaign material after the Election Rules committee asked him to remove it, and for handing an electronic device to voters,” said previous SGA President Rose McGarrity.

The election for Vice President of Operations resulted in the winner, Mya Hall, receiving 715 votes.

Ashlyn Sander received 294 votes, electing her in the role of Senior Class President alongside Jackson Rouse, who won the election for Senior Class Vice President with 293 votes.

Madison Aldy won the election for Junior Class President with 266 votes, with Psalm Dang, who will serve as Junior Class Vice President, receiving 213 votes.

Montana Cramer was elected as Sophomore Class President, receiving 175 votes. Winning the position for Sophomore Class Vice President was Gavin Beaver-Tabor with 164 votes.

The senate also passed a new constitutional bill in the most recent SGA meeting, giving students a better opportunity to be involved and clearly understand what the constitution entails. In the election, the consitution received 986 votes of approval, 359 abstentions and 21 votes against.


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