UCA President Houston Davis discussed matters happening on campus and the plans in the works for the future at the Campus Talk in the College of Buisness auditorium during X-period Thursday, Nov. 21 . 

The auditorium was filled with mostly faculty and staff who listened about an hour to the campus announcements.

Before Davis gave his presentation, Faculty Senate President Candice D. Barnes, along with Staff Senate president Kimberly Klotz, gave a few announcements pertaining to faculty and staff, including mention of a faculty and staff game night, winter fest, emergency funding, professional development funds and emergency funding.

President of Student Government Association senior Rose McGarrity informed the audience of SGA’s partnership with UCAPD and the success of their two Town Hall events.

Davis began his announcements with a visual presentation titled “President Davis Capitol Projects Update.” The first few slides overviewed the annual budget process, top leadership priorities, and key investment needs. The main objectives in the annual budget process included things such as focus on student success, maintain stable reserves, and minimize financial impact to students. Some top leadership priorities included focus on enrollment and student success initiatives, technology refresh, and fundraising to a new level. 

For the key investment needs a pie graft was shown where Market and Equity plus COLA took up about one-third of the pie with $2,600,000. Build reserves took about another one- third with $2,600,000. Refilled and new positions was given $1,500,000. Key initiatives was given $1,000,000.

Davis took the majority of the campus talk to give updates on capital projects on campus. One of these projects was the renovations of Donaghey Hall, in which food chain Uncle T’s was replaced with a welcome center for the residence hall. In regards to Donaghey Hall, Davis said he was “really good at making lemonade out of lemons.”

Davis also discussed other major projects still in works such as the Integrated Health Sciences building, which is expected to be completed spring 2021, the Lewis Center Annex, which is expected for fall 2020, and the Windgate Center for Fine and Performing Arts, which is expected to be done April 2022. 

Davis discussed renovations of several residence halls including Conway Hall, Hughes Hall, and Carmichael Hall. He announced plans to build a safe room for Bear Village and greek village phase II as well as renovate the tennis court. 

Towards the end of Davis’ presentation, he integrated slides from the city of Conway to discuss matters of the city that will affect UCA, such as a new roundabout on Donaghey and Conway. The campus talk was concluded with questions from the audience.

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