This fall semester, the University of Central Arkansas is undergoing positive additions with the Donaghey improvement project, the Lewis Science Annex, the Integrated Health Science building and more to come. 

More recently, the university has completed a storm shelter at Bear Village, three fraternity houses on Donaghey avenue, a National Panhellenic Council house and five gravel parking lots with one more to come in the next couple months. 

Physical Plant Director Larry Lawrence said that currently, the Lewis Science Annex is near completion and the Integrated Health Science Building is halfway finished and expected to be done fall 2021.. 

The more visible work being done on campus is the “Donaghey improvement project” being done by the City of Conway. This project will span from Dave Ward drive to Prince street and will be done in phases. “Most utility companies have completed the utility relocations necessary to complete the first phase of the project,” Conway City Engineer Finley Vinson said. 

The Donaghey Street project is currently in its first phase and is expected to be completed August 2021. 

Additionally, the new Windgate Fine and Performing Arts building is expected to begin construction soon and will be opened fall 2022. “All of the projects are exciting both to start and even more so to see them completed and be used,” Lawrence said.

In the future, the City of Conway plans to add a crosswalk on south Donaghey avenue near the AETN building. This crosswalk will include two R920-F for a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon on both sides of the road. The RRFB is powered by solar energy and is activated through sensors or push buttons. The dates to begin this addition were not disclosed. 

“Anytime there is a construction project, there is always likely going to be some amount of inconvenience. After all, UCA is a busy place with many occupants here every day,” Lawrence said. “That said, you have to go through that minor inconvenience to get what is on the other side. By that I mean a new building or a new road, or a new parking lot etc. In a sense, it is the price we pay for progress.”

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