The Student Government Association received an impressive number of votes casted for the 2019-2020 general election and held a meeting April 12 to announce new board members and amendment changes,

Students elected to the SGA executive board are:  

• Junior Rose McGarrity who was elected as executive president with a vote of 1021 against junior KaRon Marbley’s 647.

• Sophomore Will Teeter who was elected as executive vice president with a vote of 847 against junior Spencer Burton’s 821.

• Sophomore Jamaal Lockings who was elected as the vice president of operations with a vote of 869 against junior Karlie Galarza’s 799.

• Sophomore Jennifer Cale who was elected as the vice president of finance with a vote of 861 against sophomore Ashlyn Sander’s 807.

McGarrity was overwhelmed with emotion as the room clapped and cheered during the announcement that she won the race.

“I’ve wanted this for the entire year so I started crying,” McGarrity said. “It was very much of a relief because I didn’t know it was going to happen. I campaigned so much for this — I spent nine hours yesterday campaigning.”

McGarrity, now the 2018-2019 executive vice president of SGA, spoke of what she hopes to make some of her first initiatives as president.

“First thing I would like to do is survey the student body and see what they would like to see from SGA,” McGarrity said. “I would also like to get a gazebo implemented [next semester], promote more mental health programs [and] try to get childcare on campus. Some of the senators worked on [childcare] this semester [and] I want to continue to help them work on that, moving the project forward.”

Teeter was also humbled and gracious for the opportunity to serve as the executive vice president of SGA next year.

“I’m very proud of my friends and those who have helped me,” Teeter said. “The guy who sits in front of the chapel all the time handing out free prayers — hey, they work.”

This school year, Teeter has served as the sophomore class vice president and expressed that he is ready to take on his next chapter in SGA.

“The first thing I’m going to work on as executive vice president is to move forward with the e-scooter initiative,” Teeter said. “I’m also going to work with Rose and work hard to make sure that every single student gets their midterm grades reported … How are students supposed to succeed if they don’t know what their [grades] are?”

Before leaving the SGA chambers, Teeter had a message to give to all of those who played a part in his being elected.

“[To] the people who voted for me or against me, I just want to say thank you – I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Teeter said.

Other members who were elected into SGA positions are as follows:

• Garrett Spears as sophomore class president

• Madison Perry as sophomore class vice president

• Amber DiPersia as junior class president

• Javier Hernandez as junior class vice president

• Bassam Abdoulaye-Traore as senior class vice president

A run-off election between Colby Little, Shivam Patel and Steven Powell for the senior class president will take place April 17 and 18.

Amendments passed are as follows:

• Amendment 1 of Article III, Section 1, Letter A will raise the GPA requirement for the SGA Executive Board from 2.500 to 2.750.

• Amendment 2 of Article V, Section 4, Letter C will eliminate the SGA Executive President’s ability to appoint members to Senate in place of special elections and the Appointment Committee.

• Amendment 3 of Article III, Section 4, Letter B will allow the option for candidates running for the offices of Class President and Vice President to run a joint campaign.

• Amendment 4 of Article V, Section 9, Letter E proposed that in the event that an executive officer resigns before their term is complete, they forfeit the remainder of their scholarship and their successor receives a prorated amount.

• Amendment 5 of Article III, Section 1, Letter D will require that any candidate running for executive office be able to serve in their position for one full academic year if elected.

• Amendment 6 of Article IV, Sections 1,2,4 removes gendered pronouns (he/him/she/her) and replaces them with gender neutral pronouns (they/them).

• Amendment 7 of Article V mandates that individuals selected in elections or appointed to a position in SGA must take an oath of office before assuming their position.

• Amendment 8 of Article III, Section 1, Letter B mandates that all candidates running for an SGA office, that is not specific to the graduate student representative position, must be classified as an undergraduate student.

• Amendment 9 of Article III, Section 1, Letter C will exempt graduate students from the 12-hour qualification required to run for SGA, as most graduate students do not enroll in more than nine hours.


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