Kamoni Manago crowned as queen

Junior Jarret Counts and senior Kamoni Manago were announced as the new homecoming royalty Oct. 26 at halftime of the football game. 

Junior Jarret Counts and senior Kamoni Manago were announced as the new homecoming royalty Oct. 26 at halftime of the football game. 


Both Counts and Manago are highly involved on campus and are members of various RSOs and many different groups on campus. 


Upon being announced as Queen, Manago was overcome with shock. 


“I was honestly lost for words,” Manago said. “I didn’t think I would be chosen to be the next UCA 2019 homecoming queen. It was truly an unreal moment hearing my name being announced as Queen.”


Manago’s experience being crowned as queen came with an extra layer of gratification as she follows sorority member, senior Pansy Johnson.


“With it being our sorority’s 45th anniversary, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the weekend,” Manago said. “Accepting the crown from Pansy was something I’ll hold dear to my heart. It was a special moment for not only us but our sorority as well. She did an outstanding job representing UCA as the 2018 Homecoming Queen and I’m honored to follow in her footsteps.”


Manago is a member of UCA’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, the minority mentorship program and has served as the Real Beauty chaplin for the last two years. 


This was also the first year UCA has named a Homecoming King. 


Similar to Manago, Counts was hit with a surreal feeling after hearing his name be announced. 


“After being announced Homecoming King all I could really do was just stand there and smile because I did not know what to do but take everything in,” Counts said. “The feeling was so surreal for me because I know there were so many outstanding men that were on homecoming court with me. I know that night will forever be cherished and hopefully put in the scrapbooks my mom loves to make so much.”


Counts is also a member of MMP, while also being apart of UCA’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc, the Student Orientation Staff and the UCA ambassadors. 


He said winning alongside Manago was something he’ll never forget. 


“Being crowned homecoming King with one of my great friends like Kamoni was just extraordinary,” Counts said. “When they called her name all I could think was she was so deserving of this title. Throughout the year, I have had a chance to work alongside her and seeing how much energy she brings, her hard work ethic, and just how personable she is I just knew that she would wear this title well. I feel honored to be able to have this experience with her and I know we will share this day for a lifetime.”


Manago felt the same way when hearing Counts announced as King. 


“It’s truly an honor to win queen alongside the first ever homecoming king, Jarret,” Manago said. “For the minority mentorship program, I actually serve as Jarret’s co-chair for our team known as “Jarret Jewelers” and to hear my name called as Queen beside him was definitely a proud moment that went down in history here at UCA.

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