Students and community members registered to vote in Faulkner County wrapped around the Farris Center on Nov. 3, in order to cast their vote.

Joyce Elliott, a democrat running for the second congressional district in Arkansas, visited the polling site. The Farris Center is a polling site open to all of Faulkner County to vote.

Elliott stopped by the polling site in order to continue with the representation among young adults in Arkansas.

“You are so close to being the people who will return what the next future is, because you’re in the purgatory area of making decisions and shaping the future,” Elliot said,” there was a time in my life when I feel like I was so fruitful thinking about what I wanted to be like… I want you to be involved in government, I want to see you involved and running this country as your own.”

Elliott continued to speak on the importance of the gift that working with younger generations has brought her. “I’m a huge fan of intergenerational interaction, I think it’s absolutely absurd how we separate ourselves, so this is my way to live up to my own beliefs,” Elliott said.

Students were eager to be at the polls for a number of reasons, whether they were there to cast their vote or there to meet Joyce Elliot.

Sophomore Ainsley Lester was eager to be able to hear from Joyce Elliott in person. “I think it means a lot she’s coming here and it means a lot that so many students want to hear from her,” Lester said.

Votes for the second congressional district are currently being counted.

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