International students are still adjusting to being back in their home countries after returning home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Becky Su, an international student from Taiwan, said she has to self-quarantine for two weeks because she traveled from the United States.

Their government pays her $33 each day she is in self-quarantine. They also supplied her with food, Vitamin C products, rubbing alcohol and a thermometer. 

The Taiwanese government calls citizens everyday to update them about the virus. The people aren’t allowed to leave their homes except for essentials. 

“If you turn off your GPS, the government will knock on your door,” Su said. “You may have to pay a fine up to $30,000 U.S. dollars if you try to leave your home.” 

She said Taiwan has also donated face masks to other countries including the U.S.

Ian Foo, an international student from Malaysia, said he is self-quarantining as well. He said the country isn’t fully shut down, but stores only stay open for part of the morning. 

“We aren’t encouraged to go state to state,” Foo said, noting that the government is encouraging them to stay home as much as possible. 

Su said that being a music student, it’s so frustrating doing online classes. Because of the 13-hour time difference, it’s harder for her to find time to communicate with her class and professors. 

Su said she misses her American friends, but she feels more secure at home. 

“Our health system is really good,” Su said. “No matter what, our government and family can handle this. I feel so happy to be home.” 

Foo said for him, the 13-hour time difference is annoying and sometimes he has trouble with his Wi-Fi and can’t get on MyUCA to access Blackboard. 

Foo said he misses his American friends and his host family. 

“When I’m in the U.S., I miss the Malaysian food. Now that I’m home, the food is weird to me,” Foo said, mentioning that he hasn’t eaten any cereal since he’s been in self-quarantine. “I miss eating cereal and milk in the U.S.”


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