As of Feb. 8, The Fountain will officially be 3 years old. If our publication were a child, it would be eating glue, wetting the bed and getting Hubba Bubba gum stuck in its hair. Fortunately, our editing staff and reporters don’t have to deal with any of that to bring you accurate, relevant, timely news.

Last semester, we brought you breaking updates on armed robbers, the first episode of UCA Cribs and an article about a movement to bring back Julie, the beloved cafeteria “omelet lady.”

Keep your eyes peeled this semester for new columns, online features and the skilled work of our new assistant editor, Paige Murphy.

We appreciate your readership and welcome your participation. If you like our work, please share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you love what you read, you could get an article tattooed somewhere on your body. If you simply cannot live without updates from The Fountain, rest assured that you won’t be dying this semester – it’s a story every day from here on out.

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