DXC Technology, UCA create hundreds of jobs in Conway

Andrea Fiumicelli (left), vice president and general manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at DXC Technology, announces the addition of 1,200 new jobs Oct. 22, 2019, at DXC Technology in Conway during a press conference with Brad Lacy (middle), CEO of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce and Mike Preston, Secretary of Commerce. DXC has partnered with UCA to give students the opportunity to apply for jobs and internships through Handshake, the platform which UCA Career Services uses to posts\ job openings. DXC will also be at the upcoming spring career fair on March 4, 2020, to recruit students.

DXC Technology announced last year that they would be bringing 1,200 jobs to Conway and UCA is in close talks to help students get involved in DXC. 

DXC was created after a merger involving from Computer Sciences Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. 

Hewlett-Packard was well established in Conway, so when the merger happened, DXC was a well-established business in Conway.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson was on hand when the new jobs were announced and said it was a product of his administration’s push to recruit high paying tech jobs DXC had 450 employees in Conway  as of Oct. 2019. 

The new jobs will consist of entry-level jobs as well as mid-level jobs in the technical field. 

The new jobs include a center to serve Medicaid programs in 30 states as well as services in the life sciences, automotive, and security sectors. 

UCA has started to get involved with DXC to give students the opportunity to receive jobs and internships through DXC. 

“Career Services are in constant communication with DXC concerning both jobs and internships,” Associate Director of Cooperative Education Clifton Ford said. 

DXC was encouraged by the UCA Career Services to advertise its jobs on Handshake, which is UCA uses to post job openings. 

One of the top recruits for DXC had worked for career services at one time so that helps with the communication between UCA and DXC. 

DXC will be at the upcoming spring career fair on March 4, 2020, to talk to students about internships as well as possible jobs that are offered. 

DXC is also a part of the Exploring your Career Field Day, where a rep from DXC will speak to classes for a full class period. 

The Career Center has a program called the Career Executive Outlook which allows, in this case, DXC to send a recent UCA graduate whom they have hired to go back on campus to speak in classes. 

“It helps whenever an employer can come on campus and get their face out to students,” Associate Director of Career Services Robyn Williams said. 

With the help of Handshake from UCA students are now able to follow the job openings that DXC, as well as other groups, are offering in one central place every day. 

“Students should constantly check for job opportunities in Handshake,” Ford said. “They can also follow DXC to see when jobs open up.” 

Career Services helps students who are not familiar with Handshake get comfortable with it as well as review resumes. 

They also provide the opportunity for students to practice being interviewed and learn the best way to answer questions in an interview. 

Any major is eligible to apply for a job with DXC. 

“Anyone who qualifies should consider a job at DXC,” Ford said. “It is an established company, with good work culture, and we want students to have options and choices, so any who qualify should apply.”

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