COVID-19 presents challenges for Scroll yearbook and Vortex literary magazine

In the past, students would be able to obtain physical copies of both the Vortex Magazine fo Litearture & Art and The Scroll yearbook at this time of year. However, because all student activities on campus have been canceled, the publications are devising different ways to circulate their most recent issue.

The coronavirus has brought student publications such as the UCA Scroll and UCA Vortex unforeseen challenges. These unique challenges that COVID-19 has left in front of these two organizations have led to solutions for the two publications, who plan to offer their final products at graduation.

The Scroll, the campus yearbook, will have multiple opportunities for pickup available. 

“If there is a [Summer] graduation, there will be distribution for seniors. There will be a table in the Farris Center lobby around the bear for pick-up. We will hold some back for the fall for distribution sometime around Conway Daze,” The Scroll Editor Wade Dykes said.

The Vortex will take a similar route in regards to distribution. However, The Vortex will have slightly less amount of copies made due to printing cost concerns.  

“Graduation sounds like a great time to distribute,” Vortex Faculty Advisor John Vanderslice said.  

The Scroll, which has been producing yearbooks for the UCA student body since 1915, has never failed to deliver the yearly rendition of student memorabilia since its first edition. This tradition will not be halted due to COVID-19. The books have already been delivered.

“The Scroll was delivered to campus today [Tuesday, March 14]. They look fine. They will be stored at the physical plant,” Dykes said.

The Scroll has typically passed out books in a conventional way to students each year, but the abnormal situation caused by the campus’ closure due to coronavirus will break that tradition of picking up yearbooks. 

“With no one on campus, we have to do whatever we can and think of new ways to get them out to the students,” Dykes said.

The UCA Vortex, the UCA undergraduate magazine of fine art and literature, is facing similar challenges brought on by COVID-19.

The Vortex has not yet been delivered. 

“We are not expecting a [Vortex] issue until the beginning of next week, and they will be stored at the physical plant,” Vanderslice said.

Neither of these organizations have had any difficulty finishing their respected products in a timely manner. 

“We were very far along, finishing was not the issue,” Vanderslice said. 

Neither organization faced issues with final Spring 2020 completion and production. 

“We were lucky to finish our book right before campus shut down,” Dykes said.

Although the repercussions of COVID-19 have not negatively affected the 2019-2020 school year publication productions, organizations have taken a hit in another spot.

“It [COVID-19] had put a big damper on next year’s books, due to a lack of content,” Dykes said.  

The timeline for beginning the work for the next school year’s productions by each organization is uncertain. Both programs are awaiting answers that depend on knowing more about COVID-19 and its future effect on the university.

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